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Saddle Pads
Reg. Sep 2010
Posted 2013-11-03 12:07 AM
Subject: Saddle Pads

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What are your favorite saddle pads? I have a few professional choice pads and they seem really thin, some pads seem like they ball up at the back and I always wonder if that rubs the horses raw, and right now I have a classic equine contourpedic but then I've heard that neoprene pads are really hot on the horses back. How long is the average lifespan of a pad...if there is one? Fill me in please :)
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Reg. Feb 2013
Posted 2013-11-04 6:47 AM
Subject: RE: Saddle Pads

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I ride a 5-Star right now and I really like it. I'd also be interested in trying a Wade Saddle Pad.

I'm a big fan of a wool pad and a well fitting saddle. I know a lot of people who are happy with their impact gel pads and the SMX Air Rides though too.

Whatever I go with it, it'll have a wool felt bottom, neoprene does get hot and trap sweat against the skin - that's why most of us pull our neoprene SMB style boots as soon as we're done running.
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Posted 2013-11-04 2:00 PM
Subject: RE: Saddle Pads

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5 star hands down.
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Reg. Dec 2003
Posted 2013-11-23 9:09 PM
Subject: RE: Saddle Pads

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5 Star!  If you are interested in them, pls feel free to contact me - I am BHW official 5 Star dealer, and we are having our Christmas sale now too. 
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Reg. Jan 2010
Posted 2013-11-23 9:49 PM
Subject: RE: Saddle Pads

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I like wade pads, zone & saddle right. My wade is a 3/4" so it is between thickness of the zone and saddle right. Depending on the horse saddle combo I use one of the pads.
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