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Lazy horse!
Reg. Jan 2014
Posted 2014-01-16 3:17 PM
Subject: Lazy horse!

Ive got a 8 yr old quarter horse, cow bred. THAT JUST WONT RUN! This is her second year barrel racing. she was brought together by a very good trainer in the GA 03 area. She is going to be a REALLY nice horse and she already is. But anyways, my problem is she wont run... we can go to an nbha show and run the youth a run in the 3D but come back in the open and win the thing. she runs so much harder her second run, EVERYTIME. ive tried breezy her before I run her and it still doesn't work. I want to rodeo her but not if I cant get her to run hard her first run. I know she can run cause she does everytime her second run. People say its just a phase she'll grow out of it, shes still new to barrel racing. but I need something competitive this year I just don't want to sell her because I know shes gonna be the horse with a new owner out running me! so im kinda stuck. She doesn't get hot at the gate or anything. and she get fed VERY high energy foods and supplements. Any ideas??
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Reg. Jan 2014
Posted 2014-01-29 1:32 AM
Subject: RE: Lazy horse!


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Are you going to sell the horse? I am Interested.
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