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Senior Beagle
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Posted 2014-01-24 12:17 PM (#6923693)
Subject: Senior Beagle


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I found a senior male Beagle on the side of the road that was extremely skinny. I can't keep him because we are full to the brim. Can anybody help? All the local rescues are full for Beagles. My pics won't upload so PM for pictures please!

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Posted 2014-01-24 4:15 PM (#6923927 - in reply to #6923693)
Subject: RE: Senior Beagle


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Where are you located? we've had several beagles come to our shelter and all have found homes relatively quick. Have you googled beagle rescues? maybe you could find transportation for him to get to one! If he goes to the shelter... depending on what kind since he's older they will probably euthanize him but depends on the shelter...
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