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Rodeo Pay
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Posted 2014-03-04 2:13 PM
Subject: Rodeo Pay

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The PRCA notified the WPRA as of April 1, all rodeos are required to be on Rodeo Pay. That means that the Rodeo secretary will no longer be able to cut a check for you with your winnings. With that said, all WPRA members are urged to begin signing up for the service on February
Members have asked for this system to be available to WPRA members for some time, as the PRCA has been paying off with Rodeo Pay for a couple of years. As of April 1, all members should to be signed up and ready to go. There will be no charge to WPRA members if you choose the direct deposit option. However, if you prefer to continue to get a check, which will be distributed from Rodeo Pay and not the WPRA office, one will be sent to you BUT it will take longer to obtain and there will be a $10.00 charge per check. At this time the WPRA is only using Rodeo Pay as a method of payment, nothing else. Watch the website, the WPRA News, and your email for information on how to sign up."
Who is Rodeo Pay? You want MORE of my inofrmation? And I have to PAY YOU more money to give it to you? 
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Posted 2014-10-19 3:31 PM
Subject: RE: Rodeo Pay

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And for those who depend on this money to keep on going down the road?? I do not believe in direct deposit OR debit cards and have neither. I believe in good old hard cash. So glad the regional Assn and the IPRA still require cash for entries and pay cash at the end of the rodeo.

Yet another way to get in to the contestants' pocketbook. Entry system, check fee and on and on......
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Posted 2014-10-19 8:24 PM
Subject: RE: Rodeo Pay

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Geez the old way worked really well. Just another pain in the ass change to deal with!
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