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Anyone use Lifeline Supplements??
Reg. Mar 2011
Posted 2014-07-21 10:39 AM
Subject: Anyone use Lifeline Supplements??

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Anyone have reviews, results, or info on Lifeline?
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Willie B Fast
Reg. Jan 2007
Posted 2014-08-24 1:35 PM
Subject: RE: Anyone use Lifeline Supplements??

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Location: MO
Would like to know myself????? Anyone done the 14 day and what were your results?
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Reg. Jan 2011
Posted 2014-10-02 3:40 PM
Subject: RE: Anyone use Lifeline Supplements??

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I have started using this on my 6 year old breakaway mare that needed a little more juice. What I have found after 14 days is she seems to feel good. I mean really good. Not hot but her overall mood seems better. She has a tendency to cough when its dusty and that has gone away as well. So far I like it and am planning to keep her on it while I am competing.
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Reg. Oct 2003
Posted 2017-08-16 3:30 PM
Subject: RE: Anyone use Lifeline Supplements??


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Bumping this up to see if anyone else has used it or has any reviews to share.  I got a bucket along with a horse I just purchased that the previous owner had him on.  I can't get the new horse, nor any of my horses, to eat it!  She may have been feeding it with sweet feed.  But I don't feed much grain and I don't feed sweet feed so wondering if anyone else had trouble getting their horse to eat it.  Is it worth trying to hide it to convince the horse I'm not trying to poison him?  What kind of results did you see?  Thanks
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