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jr cowhorse bit
Reg. Aug 2014
Posted 2014-08-04 9:31 PM
Subject: jr cowhorse bit


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Opinions on a jr cowhorse bit as a step up from a d ring snaffle?
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Reg. Dec 2013
Posted 2014-08-05 12:27 AM
Subject: RE: jr cowhorse bit


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Location: Tennessee
I use one on my quarter horse that i barrel race and it works for me very well!
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total performance
Reg. Nov 2007
Posted 2014-08-05 9:22 AM
Subject: RE: jr cowhorse bit

Namesless in BHW

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I love my Jr Cowhorse bit.  I have the three piece with the roller. 
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Reg. Dec 2013
Posted 2014-12-29 7:04 PM
Subject: RE: jr cowhorse bit


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A jr cow horse would be a excellent step up bit, especially when used with just a snaffle mouth piece. The cow horse introduces lift and position to horse creating a great transition when you start to look at the barrel pattern with more focus. Along with lift and position, the jr cowhorse will expose your horse to curb pressure. Since you have just used a D ring your horse hasn't felt any curb pressure form the curb chain, many horses would fight at the first feel of curb pressure but using a jr cowhorse, curb pressure wouldn't an annoyance for the horse on the first couple of uses since it's a lighter bit used with a lighter curb. And finally the jr cowhorse will allow you to direct your horse to use his hindquarters more, which is really an important part of training a barrel horse if you want quick witty turns! Hope some of this helped, good luck with everything!
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Reg. Oct 2009
Posted 2015-10-30 6:34 PM
Subject: RE: jr cowhorse bit


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My fave as a step up from a D ring!!!!!
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Reg. Mar 2011
Posted 2015-10-31 10:22 AM
Subject: RE: jr cowhorse bit


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I've run almost every horse I've ever had in a jr. cowhorse. Love that bit. Have a couple with different mouth pieces.
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