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How do I get my horse to use hes butt more????
Reg. Aug 2012
Posted 2014-10-02 4:03 PM
Subject: How do I get my horse to use hes butt more????


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Hi Everyone! I could really use your guys advice! I just got this horse in and he works a lot off his front end. I know that in some cases if a horse is works on his front end more then the back he could be sore but I don't think this is the case with this one. would any of you have any drills and things like that, that could help? Thank you! I hope someone does :)
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Reg. Oct 2014
Posted 2014-10-29 12:33 PM
Subject: RE: How do I get my horse to use hes butt more????


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When my horse won't sit, and I know pain isn't a factor. I will work on a lot of collection in the lope. I really get them round and supple and ask for a lot of collection/sitting in the lope.( neck round, poll up and the horse sitting on there butt) I think of it as almost rocking back in the lope. this will really get them to sit. don't do to much at once if their not used to being in a super collected frame. after a ride of a lot of collection I would give a day or two off of rest, because asking them to sit that much is hard on there stifles. once they start getting stronger in the hind end you can do more collection for a longer time. Another thing I do is a lot of rollback into the fence, but again if they are not sitting in the roll back, it is not helping the situation. They need to lean collection, and get those stifle muscles built up. Have this picture in your head while trying to get the collection : lopping in water or snow. or almost thinking of backing up as your lopping. Hopefully that isn't too confusing. good luck!:)
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Posted 2014-11-14 7:12 PM
Subject: RE: How do I get my horse to use hes butt more????

Sock Snob

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If i a front endy horse, i do a lot of stopping and them go to a back up. Also, i back a circle and them roll my horse out of the circle. I really dont like fence work, but sometimes when i cool out i will walk next to,the fence and do a small amount just to,reinforce my aids with my spurs.
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