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Back on track
Reg. Aug 2006
Posted 2014-10-27 9:48 PM
Subject: Back on track

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 Ok I tried doing a search but I couldn't find what i am looking for...

I want to order some BOT stuff. Is the mesh or fleece blanket better? Is there a big difference in the heat generated? I want something i can use year around. 

Quick wraps or no bows?  I am torn on which would be better. I know how to wrap standing wraps so that is not a problem. The quick wraps seem to cover from the fetlock up to the knee which I like but I also think standing wraps will probably stay on better. 

Any opinions from people with experience with them?
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Posted 2014-10-27 9:53 PM
Subject: RE: Back on track

Rad Dork

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I have the mesh sheet. I try not to use it much in the summer if he's outdoors, but I think it'll be okay in the cold weather as long as the horse isn't turned out in it.

I have the quick wraps and I'd say they're very secure. They stay on all night for me and have zero issues with them... Plus it only takes maybe 5-10 seconds to put a boot on! I'm not confident in my wrapping skills.
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Posted 2014-12-16 12:09 AM
Subject: RE: Back on track

Red Bull Agressive

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 I've never used the blankets, but I'd say if you want to use it as a cooler, definitely get the fleece. If you are going to leave it on them in the stall, the mesh won't attract shavings. I wouldn't use either in the summer for far of over heating your horse. As for the boots, I have both the quick wraps and the no bows. Both have stayed on for 24hrs at a time with no problem. The quick wraps are faster but I like the wraps for more support.
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