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NFR First Timer
Reg. Feb 2015
Posted 2015-02-24 1:31 PM
Subject: NFR First Timer


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I am planning for my first trip to the NFR this year and could not be more excited! I would really appreciate ANY help from those that have been there before... There will be 4 of us going. Where is the best place to order tickets? And when do tickets go on sale? We plan on attending just one rodeo performance. I have a few hotels in mind, but from experience, which hotels would you recommended? Like I said, any helpful tips or recommendations from your experience at the NFR would be hugely appreciated!! Thanks. :)

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Posted 2015-02-24 4:36 PM
Subject: RE: NFR First Timer

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If I were to go back again I would definitely stay at the South Pointe! I would go watch the go round winners every night, they have a large viewing room with appetizers and cheap food, drinks are reasonable the trade show was huge and they had team roping and other stuff going on in the arena.  I would take a cab to the strip one night if you've never been there.
We bought 6th round tickets online from ticket city, the night of the rodeo they were good seats too.

We stayed at the MGM Grand and if you drink find the local convenience store-drinks were $11 at the hotel and wear a good pair of shoes, I swear it was a half mile from the door to our room! 
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