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Back On Track Quickwraps/Hock Wraps
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Posted 2015-09-08 12:45 PM
Subject: Back On Track Quickwraps/Hock Wraps

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 I've heard nothing but great things about Back on Track products, but just curious what everyone thinks of them.  How often do you use them?  What is the good/bad/ugly about them?  When/where do you use them?  For injury only, maintainence?  I'm about to purchase some and just want some opinions and/or successes people have had.

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Posted 2015-09-08 1:40 PM
Subject: RE: Back On Track Quickwraps/Hock Wraps

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I use mine for maintenance. Usually while hauling and when I go to weekend races they are on a few hours a day too.
Only down side is the BOT products aren't good to use in really hot weather. I only use the mesh sheet in cooler weather because the will make your horse sweat.  
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Posted 2015-09-08 1:40 PM
Subject: RE: Back On Track Quickwraps/Hock Wraps

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Well when I got hurt I brought my no bows home and started to sleep with one. Months later I still am. They are warming, relaxing, and I wake up with some of my minor aches and pains feeling better.

I only use the quick wraps on my horses that have had soft tissue injuries. I'll typically put them on overnight before a show or maybe during the week just depends. I would love to have a blanket. can't really use them much when it's really hot out.
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Posted 2015-09-08 1:56 PM
Subject: RE: Back On Track Quickwraps/Hock Wraps


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I love them and use them for maintenance. I use them before a show. I like the tallest quick wraps so that it keeps the hock wraps from sliding down at all.
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