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Feed Question
Reg. Feb 2009
Posted 2016-02-22 8:27 AM
Subject: Feed Question

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 I feed Total Equine currently and have been feeding it for a little over 5 years.  I used it with my horse that was on the verge of being insulin resistent and he leveled out and had great success.  I now have a horse who was on Purina Impact 12% sweet feed when I got him, due to us living in a very humid climate and it not keeping well, I switched him to Total Equine.  He has done fine on it, but he's a super laid back horse, and I'm thinking he needs a little hotter feed to help him have more energy.  Any recommendations for good feed that is still highly digestible but will give him a little boost.  He currently gets grass hay and some alfalfa.  I may increase his alfalfa too.  Thanks!
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Posted 2016-02-27 7:24 AM
Subject: RE: Feed Question

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My neighbors had horses that got super hot on Total Equine so I don't know. . .
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Posted 2016-02-27 7:47 AM
Subject: RE: Feed Question


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My lazy horse got even more lazy on TE. Changed him to whole oats, flax, & a scoop of chopped alfalfa. He still looks good and is a lot perkier.
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Posted 2016-03-24 9:09 PM
Subject: RE: Feed Question

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 I have a horse whose feet fall apart if I put him on anything else & he's super laid back. I feed him beet pulp to help with his energy levels. I've always seen an increase in energy levels in all my horses when I feed beet pulp. 
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