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Cowgirl Spring Round Up
Paws Up Resort
Reg. Oct 2017
Posted 2018-01-16 5:19 PM
Subject: Cowgirl Spring Round Up

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Once upon a time in Montana, women rode, roped and branded. That was last year. ’Course, this year, they’re at it again, and you can be, too. Bring your inner cowgirl to life alongside some pretty amazing Cowgirl Hall of Famers. Their workshops teach horsewomanship and other cowgirl skills. At night, relive a day filled with relaxing trail rides, wildlife encounters and Western fine art as you shoot the breeze around a roaring campfire. It will all be peppered with exceptional chef-prepared cuisine. Trust our past attendees: exhaustion never felt so good. Thankfully, your accommodations will be nothings short of luxurious. For the first time, Cowgirl Spring Roundup has a Featured Vintner: Planeta. They’ll be serving our cowgirls some exceptional Sicilian wines.

Come join Sharon Camarillo, Veryl Goodnight, Marilyn Williams Harris, Barbara Van Cleve and the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame.
April 26-29, 2018

Contact The Resort at Paws Up today for Reservations.

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