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Hemp/CBD Products for Pain?
Reg. May 2013
Posted 2018-05-06 1:15 PM (#7395318)
Subject: Hemp/CBD Products for Pain?


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Has anyone used Hemp/CBD products for pain relief for their horses?

Years ago I found a spray that was supposed to help with muscle pain relief in horses. I was interested in it, but was going to have to get a medical marijuana card or something of the sort to get it. Living in WA, it's now legal for me to buy without the card, and it got me thinking about it again, but I can't remember what it was called. So I was wondering if anyone has used something similar, or seen something similar for horses?

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Reg. Aug 2015
Posted 2018-12-19 4:07 AM (#7416806 - in reply to #7395318)
Subject: RE: Hemp/CBD Products for Pain?


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I use CBD oil myself & so does my horse. It's amazing . Here you can find more . I use CBD oil for my old horse and for me for our joint aches & the light for my anxious terrier. I do believe it makes a difference. This could be placebo effect but don't really care as long as it works
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