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Best Ever Saddle Pads?
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Posted 2019-02-10 11:25 AM
Subject: Best Ever Saddle Pads?

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 Who uses them and what style and thickness do you use for a horse with moderately tall withers? I'm a brand ambassador for them, so I need to be riding their product, but I don't know what to get! I have been riding in a CE Biofit Correction pad (with the built up area behind the withers) and have been happy, but feel like I should be riding in what I'm a brand ambassador for. 

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Posted 2019-02-11 7:05 AM
Subject: RE: Best Ever Saddle Pads?


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You'll have to send in photos to them, but you'll have to ask for the Cadillac pad. It has a build up behind the shoulders.

Youtube video is called Best Ever Pad | Saddle pad fitting for high withered horses.
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