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Shiloh Saddles
Reg. Mar 2019
Posted 2019-03-10 12:03 PM
Subject: Shiloh Saddles


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Hi, I’m interested in trying a Shiloh saddle, currently in a Douple J Pro and love it but it’s pinching my mare in the shoulders so I am shopping.  I have currently done enough research that I’m confused, lol. I see EVERYONE wants a contender. I see positive things about the Cecil Phillips and Kim Thomas. I have back issues and horrible knees so I’m not a super balanced rider. I’d like something to sit me deep and take care of me. My mare is very quick and NEVER quits running in her turns so I am always behind. Any insight would be so appreciated!  Thanks in advance. 


Also I found a contender for sale but it is a JP, is that different from other contenders or are they all JP?

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