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Breeding crosses
Reg. Jun 2019
Posted 2019-06-11 3:57 PM
Subject: Breeding crosses


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Hey everyone! I am super interested in purchasing a weanling or yearling in the next year or two and have been researching some crosses. First, if anyone has some great reads or websites please let me know! I'd love a sane, fast horse that still has good head on its shoulders and can still do some casual riding without being overly hot. (Yes I know a lot comes from training, but I believe proper breeding can help a lot too!)

Secondly, one cross I'd like to ask about first is a PC Frenchmans Hayday (Dinero) and VF Shiney Red Stone.


Love any and all imput, not looking for ads or anything for sale obviously just advice/resources for breeding!

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Reg. Nov 2015
Posted 2019-06-11 4:18 PM
Subject: RE: Breeding crosses

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If you're looking for sane with a good head on it's shoulders, I wouldn't jump straight to a Dinero. They have a reputation for being pretty particular and having lots of quirks. 

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Chandler's Mom
Reg. Jan 2015
Posted 2019-06-11 7:27 PM
Subject: RE: Breeding crosses

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Posted 2019-06-13 2:01 PM
Subject: RE: Breeding crosses

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I personally think Dash Ta Fame horses seem to mentally mature at young age. I have only ever had one young Frenchman’s Guy bred horse and it was very “particular” not a bad horse, just finicky.

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