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What to do for a cough?
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Posted 2020-01-14 11:51 AM
Subject: What to do for a cough?

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Here's the info: 

2 weeks ago my mare started coughing. I heard it when she was just standing still in the stall or when I'd get her respiratory rate up such as walking fast. No fever, no snot, no lethargy. I got some headwash from the vet. Seemed to help a little. Now she will only cough if you trot her, not just standing still. I haven't seen any snot other than yesterday when she had teeth done, she coughed up a bunch of clear snot out of one nostril. The dentist said sometimes sedation can loosen it up and make it come out. Already done the mustard, DeX, and ventipulmon. I was thinking it was viral but now I'm not sure. Vet appointment later this week. Theres been some improvement but its still definitely there.Thoughts?

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