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The Words and ways of the wise Proverbs 25
Ladyjockey 2
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Posted 2021-01-21 7:28 AM
Subject: The Words and ways of the wise Proverbs 25

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Father God, guide me always to do all things that will bring glory and honor to You. AMEN 

what we say affects more people than any other action we take. Our words carry tremendous weight and reveal the very nature of our hearts. Most of us have no idea how powerful our word are. Each of us reflect on unkind words that were spoken to us at some point in our lives. Words may not leave a physical mark, but they certeainly leave emotional wounds. When we communicate unkind or hateful words, we run the risk of damaging someone for life.  Positive communication is beneficial to your life and lives of other people. Your words can refresh, empower, encourage,provide hope, build security,and share love. Your words can also communicate, You will never change, I dont know why I ever married/got involved with you.  You will never amount to anyting. Etc...these words have the ability to crush a person's feelings, leaving emotional scars, and devastate that person for life. We must think before speaking and CHOOSE our words saturated with wisdom. Peace and remember do to others as you would want done to you. For it is WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE Matthew 19:26

Proverbs 25:11 A Word filty spoken is like a apples of gold in settings of silver. It is wise to rebuked to an obedient ear. 

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