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Hurley & Hurley - Equine Tax
Reg. Aug 2005
Posted 2021-10-12 5:40 PM
Subject: Hurley & Hurley - Equine Tax


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Location: OK

Has anyone used this CPA firm?  I believe they use to advertise on BHW?


I would appreciate any info anyone could give me!  I have been using them since 2000.  I spoke with them in April and sent my info to them in August and  can't get ahold of anyone....



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Reg. Jan 2021
Posted 2021-11-23 1:04 AM
Subject: RE: Hurley & Hurley - Equine Tax


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Just saw this post...used them in the past, OK for a couple years... then same thing, couldn't get ahold of anybody, theydidn't do my taxes, resulted in a penalty....they supposedly sent something I never received...etc...I've forgotten the details... it's been severl years...

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