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Tie-back / "flapper" surgery
Reg. Jun 2011
Posted 2022-03-01 5:16 AM
Subject: Tie-back / "flapper" surgery


I am more than likely purchasing a horse who had the tie-back surgery done a few years ago. From my understanding he has not had any issues since. It was performed by a very reputable specialist vet here in our state. 

We are pending a vet check this week by the same clinic and I will be picking their brains on the issue but wanted to see if anyone else has had any experience with this? Any info you can share is appreciated!!!

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Reg. Jan 2010
Posted 2022-03-01 9:36 AM
Subject: RE: Tie-back / "flapper" surgery


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I saw your post and wanted to share my two cents worth. I purchased an ex racehorse and had the tie back surgery done by a reputable and knowledgeable vet. Surgery was a success but this particular horse always had trouble with breathing nasal discharge, coughing, decreased performance etc. If to do it all over again I would NOT but times seem to be changing where I see folk accepting lamesness/medical issues at the "norm". 

Good luck!

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