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Posted 2023-03-19 1:01 PM
Subject: Vrbo?

I keep my change in my pockets

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Has any one used it and how where the houses?  Clean, nice neighborhoods?

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Posted 2023-03-20 11:08 AM
Subject: RE: Vrbo?


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Yes. we used it to book a 240 acre ranch for a family reunion.  It was a great experience!!   We brought the side by sides and there was a nice pond with paddle boats and good swiiming.  They also had said we could bring the horses we just had to bring portable pens.We are planning on booking it again this summer.

We used it again to book a beach house - it was awful!  The location was great - the house had been flooded and not very well repaired.  The picture on the website looked like it was before the flood, the furniture and wall hangings and everything was different than the pictures and you could easily tell where they had painted over cracks and stuff without repairing it.  The floors were tilted and wonky and there was nothing in the house.  Usually there is cleaning supplies, paper product, etc, not at this place. Like we had partial rolls of toilet paper on the holder and 1 extra roll in each bathroom (2 bathrooms) for 9 people for 3 days  We called maintenace (they used a management company) because the lights were out in the carport, while he was there, we asked him to look at the dishwasher because it had water standing in the bottom and he said no -we would have to call and schedule a different time. There was roaches and the sheets had sand in them when we got there.


Another time - we booked a house down by the beach, but it was on a canal.  It was amazing, beautiful and well kept.  Amenties were plentiful and  just as stated on the website - a huge swim mat, canoes/kayaks, grill and fishing poles etc.

Just be sure you read the reviews - 





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Posted 2023-09-24 12:43 PM
Subject: RE: Vrbo?

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We've used it a few times, the ones we've rented were in good neighborhoods. You just have to be mindful of cleaning fees

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