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What is your monthly bill pay system? I need help:(

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Last activity 2013-12-14 2:19 PM
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Reg. Feb 2005
Posted 2013-11-11 7:50 PM
Subject: RE: What is your monthly bill pay system? I need help:(


Posts: 2527
Location: WI
I have everything on autopay - loan payments, mortgage, insurance, gas, transfers to savings, etc.  I have all my accounts email bills (eco-friendly)I keep an excel sheet to track my balances. 
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Reg. Jan 2004
Posted 2013-11-11 7:54 PM
Subject: RE: What is your monthly bill pay system? I need help:(

Military family

Texas Lone Star

Posts: 5313
Location: where ever my L/Q trl is parked
I get paid on the 1st of the month everything gets paid that day no matter when it's due.   I pay cash for everything , no credit cards, so only have mortgage and utilities.  
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Reg. Dec 2003
Posted 2013-11-11 7:55 PM
Subject: RE: What is your monthly bill pay system? I need help:(

Meanest Teacher!!!

Posts: 8509
Location: sunny california
i get paid once per month and would rather have all of it come out the first week. I use auto pay and the bills I pay are the same month to month.
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Reg. Mar 2013
Posted 2013-11-11 7:59 PM
Subject: RE: What is your monthly bill pay system? I need help:(

Extreme Veteran

Posts: 443
Location: Southern IL somewhere between KY and MO
barrelracin85 - 2013-11-11 8:55 AM Do you have an iPhone? I use an app called BillTracker. I just use the lite/free version. I set up an account for each bill and for the ones that fluctuate each month I will enter my amount due as soon as I receive the bill. We get paid every two weeks so what I do is a month ahead I total up the bills due within each pay period and budget each paycheck. I take out tithe, bills, and then what we average for gas in a two week period and a trip to the grocery store. I buy groceries to last 2-3 weeks. Past that is what we know we will have for "play money". We have it set so that a certain amount comes out of each pay check automatically and goes straight to savings. When I budget the paycheck I budget off of what the total is after savings come out. We usually buy our dog food and horse feed once a month. Diapers every two weeks. Walmart items like paper products and cleaning items once a month. The idea is not to be buying smaller items every single week. I still file our paper bills just as a second check thing. We bought a simple file holder from Walmart and made a file for each account. I stack each bill in order due on top and after I've paid a bill I put it into its file for record. I know what is still on top is what is still due. I try to pay online or by phone as much as possible. Specifically if there is not an extra fee to do so. With our water bill they charge a small fee but I pay it because it's cheaper than driving into town to pay it in person. I only mail off doctor bills, lawyer bills, or bills that aren't a routine/monthly occurrence. It will take some time to get it where you want. We had to stop "playing" for a while until we got ours straight and on schedule.

Could I marry you?? Or would you be my accountant/bill organizer LOL 
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Reg. Dec 2011
Posted 2013-11-11 8:17 PM
Subject: RE: What is your monthly bill pay system? I need help:(

Elite Veteran

Posts: 1117
BRcwgrl81 - 2013-11-11 9:22 AM I have a two part system.  

I keep an excel spreadsheet.  One the first tab is the budget, the second tab is my receipt tracker for the month, and the third is all the bills I pay a month.  On the Bills tab I have all the bills in order of when they are due down the one side, and across the top is the month.  After I pay a bill, I put PD in the month/bill slot. 

The second part to my systen, is paper/pen.  For the month, I write down each paycheck day, and the bills I will pay out of that paycheck, and then as the month goes on, any bills that pop up, i'll go to that page, and add it in.

I used to be really bad with budgeting and keeping track of expenses...its way to easy to spend spend spend when you don't keep track.  Been doing this for almost 2 years, and I won't do anything else.  It works for me.

This is exactly what I do, too.   I have a "budget binder" that I carry with me everywhere that is filled with looseleaf paper, and I typically have the next 6-12 months budgeted at any given time.  That way I can make sure I've planned for things like propane, property taxes, etc at a time when we have the extra room in the budget to pay for them, or save over a few pay periods if necessary.  For instance, since we had to turn our furnace on in October this year I know that we will most likely need to buy propane in late Dec/early Jan and probably again in March.  I will write those into the budget for those months and adjust the "left over/savings" amount.  At the beginning of each month I re-write the budget so that it looks nice.  

We are each paid every two weeks, but on opposite weeks, so a paycheck comes in every week.  My husband makes more so I use his paycheck as the starting date for a two week period.   I write all bills for those two weeks in a column, including gas, food, animals and savings.  In the next column I write what I am budgeting for the category and in a third column I write what I actually spend.  With what's left over I plan exactly what I want to do with the extra and make sure that gets done right away also.  I also keep a running total of what is in our savings accounts (I have multiple dedicated savings accounts for various things) each month so that I can see the progress we're making. 

In Excel, I do the exact same thing as BRcwgrl81, but I also have another spreadsheet that lists any debts we have, how much is owed, the interest rate, and the monthly payment. 

I love to budget, it's my favorite
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Reg. Dec 2005
Posted 2013-11-11 8:34 PM
Subject: RE: What is your monthly bill pay system? I need help:(

Love the Worn and Ugly (Saddles)

Posts: 1937
 I havent gotten a chance to read through all these yet but i saved the thread so i can in the morning. Thank you for the tips!
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Reg. Sep 2003
Posted 2013-11-12 5:53 AM
Subject: RE: What is your monthly bill pay system? I need help:(

Industrial Srength Barrel Racer

Posts: 7246
Wow, I get a bill and pay it. You guys make it sound so complicated! 
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Reg. Apr 2012
Posted 2013-11-12 7:36 AM
Subject: RE: What is your monthly bill pay system? I need help:(

Extreme Veteran

Posts: 425
Location: GA
I haven't read all of the replies so if someone already said this.. sorry!

Most everything is on auto pay, but I have a calendar hanging on my fridge in the kitchen. It shows when everything is due so I know what's coming out of the account that week.

There are a couple of things I have to send a check for.. let's say the bill is due on the fifth of the month, I have it writtin on the first saying "send check out for water". It works pretty well for me because I'm always in the kitchen for something and it's always there for me to see.

I also have a file in my desk for each bill that comes in.. even if that bill is on auto pay, I slip it into it's file.

Hope this makes some sense.
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Reg. Feb 2006
Posted 2013-11-12 8:20 AM
Subject: RE: What is your monthly bill pay system? I need help:(

Elite Veteran

Posts: 805
Location: Arkansas
sodapop - 2013-11-11 7:17 PM  Good thread. Anyone get paid once a month? If so, do you split your bills over the month? Do you pay them all at once? ....and then just eat feathers the rest of the month. LOL

I get paid on the 20th.. My check pays all of the bills. I have it go into an account that is for paying bills only. All bills are on autopay except for specials like medical, copays, memberships for insurance, etcs. I have each written in my check register and I write each bill in as soon as I get them in the mail or email and deduct it from the balance right then. I will check it off as it clears. This way I know how much I have. My husband gets paid twice a month and his check is auto deposited into that account as well. I transfer our "weekly allowance" into a joint account, and 10% of each check to savings. When it is time for my payday to role around again, IF any money is actually "earned" or left in the account it is transferred to savings as well. 
When we get our taxes back, we go pay our property taxes for the year. We try to make an improvement to our place, pay on something we may owe on, and put the rest to savings. We have managed to pay off our vehicles, and we do not have any credit card debt. I check our accounts daily and watch where our money is being spent each month to see where we can make some cuts. Last month, husbands job was transferred to a different location and fuel took a huge % of our earnings. We did the math and saw that if we bought an older (90s-early 2000s) model car that we could pay cash for and got 25+ mpg then we would make money. Things like that...
I have never been good with keeping up with my money until I had children. I always thought I would make more next month, and I ate a lot of 25 cent crackers for lunch! Now, that I have began really watching it we are much less stressed knowing exactly where we are. I think you just have to find what works for you! Good luck to the OP!

Edited by Esther 2013-11-12 8:45 AM
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Reg. Nov 2007
Posted 2013-11-12 9:23 AM
Subject: RE: What is your monthly bill pay system? I need help:(


Posts: 1392
Location: Central Texas
I get paid once a month. I sit down and pay everything at one time. Most bills I pay online but not autopay. Then I try and put some money in savings and the rest is what I have to live on....food, gas, going out etc.  
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Reg. Jul 2008
Posted 2013-11-12 10:20 AM
Subject: RE: What is your monthly bill pay system? I need help:(

Dr. Ruth

Posts: 9879
Location: Blissfully happy Giants fan!!!
I use an excel spreadsheet.  I have two columns-one is my budget and one is what I actually spend.  The bills and expenses that are regular occurrences for I know how much they will cost me.  I know generally how much I will have left over at the end of the month.

Everyday I go in and check my bank account and have my spreadsheet open.  Every single thing that I spend goes into that spreadsheet so I know how much is going to what.

I get paid every two weeks and I make sure I know what discretionary spending I have or what can be moved to savings.  I am religious about monitoring my bank account and my excel spreadsheet. 
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Reg. Jan 2012
Posted 2013-11-12 10:20 AM
Subject: RE: What is your monthly bill pay system? I need help:(

Serious Snap Trapper

Posts: 4260
Location: In The Snow, AZ
We only have our vehicle insurance on auto pay. That's a scary deal to me. I don't like people reaching into my account. LOL. We have a list of our bills, magneted to the fridge. As the bills come in, they get paid, then get crossed off. Very simple. Efficient. And I know exactly what money is coming and going. 
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Reg. Apr 2004
Posted 2013-11-12 10:44 AM
Subject: RE: What is your monthly bill pay system? I need help:(

Military family

Ms. Potato Head

Posts: 9162
Location: BFE, Idaho
JRC - 2013-11-11 8:06 AM pay as soon as they arrive in the mail. Most get sent out the next day. I only keep a copy of the bill until the check clears the bank and then shred them. No need to hold on to all the paper unless it can be written off on taxes. If it can be wrote off then I will file it under that GL account. Vehicle maintenance, fuel, vet bills, copy of checks from jackpots, rodeo, etc, for proof of income.

I am paid only once a month so have to really be careful.

This is exactly what I do.  I do have a written budget but have used it for so long that unless something changes I do not need to look at it.  

I pay within 3 days of bill arriving. 

Monthly:  I only have 3 bills that are not auto pay.  And 3 that are auto pay. 

Every 6 months: Car/trailer insurance/property taxes

Every year:  Home insurance

Also every month I have a set amount that I put into a savings fund, one for horses and general house, then one for taxes and insurance(It does not come out of my mortage), and one for emergency.

The thing I really need to work on is eating out, we live so far out of town that if I have meetings or daughter has a game we eat in town. I need to organize my fridge/freezer better so I can have things to pack in the cooler and not spend that wasted money. 

Gas and diesel are my biggest expense it is 17+ miles one way to anywhere.  And I have two vehicles going back and forth everyday. At least for one more year then daughter is off to college.

Edited by Idaho 2013-11-12 10:45 AM
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Reg. Sep 2005
Posted 2013-11-12 11:11 AM
Subject: RE: What is your monthly bill pay system? I need help:(

Tell It Like It Is

Posts: 22020
Location: Wyoming
I refuse to have anything on auto-pay. 
I pay bills as they come in.
I write everything down.  I don't balance the checkbook every month, ( I know I should, just don't )
 but I do keep really good track of what is paid out and double check my math.  
I also keep quite a bit hidden in the back...just in case.
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Reg. Dec 2005
Posted 2013-12-14 1:14 PM
Subject: RE: What is your monthly bill pay system? I need help:(

Love the Worn and Ugly (Saddles)

Posts: 1937
Does anybody use one of those binders I see everywhere on Pinterest for home life organizing. I started one but its overwhelming. I do like the bill binders tho and I think it'll help me be more organized.
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Reg. Jul 2007
Posted 2013-12-14 1:38 PM
Subject: RE: What is your monthly bill pay system? I need help:(

Money Eating Baggage Owner

Posts: 9584
Location: Phoenix
 I honestly just like my lists and have all the websites saved so I can pay online. Sometimes I'll map out 3 paychecks just in case there is something special coming up.  Helps you get a good idea or what's coming up and what you might pay early to allow for a bigger bill next month.  And balancing my checkbook!!  This is a must for me. All I need is my calendar, and the checkbook register.  Spreadsheets and planners and organizers seems like they are more work than it's worth.  I also shred all my bills that I've paid--everything is confirmed online, and I write down confirmation numbers as I pay stuff.  
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Reg. Jan 2006
Posted 2013-12-14 1:47 PM
Subject: RE: What is your monthly bill pay system? I need help:(


Posts: 1295
Location: Chehalis, Washington
I have a planner I buy for the year. I use it to keep trak of when I buy hay, get feet done, when I work, when we get paid, when bills are due, etc.

Each month I write down what bills we have. I start with Mortgage, then PUD, then car payements, etc etc etc. I write the day they are due, the amount, if there auto pay, or if I need to write a check and mail it etc. I then once it clears via auto pay, or I send out a check I mark it off. 

I use my paycheck to pay the mortgage sense Im paid the last day of each month. Then we use the hubbys checks to pay the misc bills and for gas and groceries hobbies etc. It has taken me 8 years of marriage to figure out a system that works! 

I do not pay bills when they come in, I pay them on time though. I send out checks a few days before there due. Just because of the way our pay periods fall.

Start out with a piece of paper and write down ALL of your monthly bills expenses and in coming. And figure out a method that works for you! I also keep the bills that come int he mail until I know there paid for sure and then toss them. 
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Reg. Sep 2006
Posted 2013-12-14 2:19 PM
Subject: RE: What is your monthly bill pay system? I need help:(


Posts: 2492
I plan out my monthly budget on mint.com
This website sends me alerts when monthly bills are due and allows me to track my Networth.
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