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Time management

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Reg. Jul 2011
Posted 2014-10-27 8:04 PM
Subject: Time management


Posts: 87
Location: sunny florida
It is hard for me to manage my time between, school, volunteering (scholorship), applying to universities, barrel races on the weekends, riding my horses during the week, keeping up with my horses during the week, friends, a boyfriend, and I will be getting a part time job next month! Not meaning to complain or anything but i feel super stressed with everything and I'm getting behind in school as well as my horses being put on the back burner. My horses look like crap cause i havent been grooming them like i use to, and they are getting fat and not being worked but maybe once a week. I have not competed in a barrel race in 2 months! and i miss it :( . I was just looking for advice and was wanting to know y'alls schedual and how you guys manage your time. 
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Reg. Sep 2010
Posted 2014-10-29 10:42 PM
Subject: RE: Time management

Military family

Ms. Marine

Posts: 4487
Location: Texas
It's all about prioritizing. What things in life are more important to you? What will help you succeed in life? Your boyfriend is a temporary thing... don't get me wrong, but I was a teenager once. Boys at your age are 110% retarded. Your family and your horses will always be there for you. Friends and boyfriends come and go.
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Reg. May 2007
Posted 2014-10-30 1:55 AM
Subject: RE: Time management

Not Afraid to Work

Posts: 4571
Well I can tell you I was once in College, working full time, volunteering, friends and riding. (I occasionally had a bf but he usually had to come to the barn with me lol)

My scheduled went 8a-4:30p work (m-f) (I packed a breakfast/lunch/dinner and ate in the care almost all my meals)
Any homework from 5:30-6:00p before class.
Class from 6p-10p Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.
10:30pm - homework, shower, sleep.

Tuesdays - I did homework, did housework, rode (after work.)
Fridays - I did homework, Rode and then maybe friends (after work)
Saturday - rode/show, homework, housework, friends
Sunday - rode/show, homework, housework, friends

I alternated between Tuesdays and Saturdays volunteering. And I rode or went out and just spent time with my horse for about an hour Thursday nights once in awhile (I felt I had some time to recoup over the weekend) that was my logic anyway.

Now I work full time and volunteer. Still have friends too and my horse is in shape and ready to go.
I work Monday-Wed and Every other weekend in the evening. I volunteer every Friday and some Thursdays. I ride about 4x per week (before work) minimum and spend the other 3 mornings doing housework, grocery shopping, or other misc errands.

I am not saying it isn't hard to do... because it takes a lot lot of dedication and self motivation. I don't watch tv, couldn't tell you anything about the latest shows. I see my friends when I can and feel I have a healthy social life but you have to be committed to your priorities.

Good luck! I know its stressful.
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Reg. Mar 2010
Posted 2014-11-16 11:13 PM
Subject: RE: Time management


Posts: 1938
Location: Somewhere way too hot
 I agree with everyone so far. It is difficult but you have to figure out what's important. 
I struggle with time managing as well. It's harder when I don't have the same work times every week. You can do anything you set your mind too! 
I have class two times a week which isnt bad. Those are usually my main barn days too. After class I can go see my horse and ride. I usually work 26- 30+ hours, I love my job. I try to have more of a social life too just getting out and expirencing the world. And when I am actually home, thats for studying, sleeping, and cleaning. Hoping to add an internship into my chaotic life soon also! 

Good Luck
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Reg. Mar 2009
Posted 2015-01-05 12:36 AM
Subject: RE: Time management

Certified Snake Wrangler

Posts: 1663
Location: North MS
Having an arena available with lights and very very close to you would help. I don't have that. Nor a dry place to ride right now. I figured it up today and by hauling to ride I pretty much lose an hour plus each time 30 minutes to catch and load. 15 minutes to drive, 30 minutes grooming and saddling 4 and  then the 30 minutes again to drive and unload. Just in time lost I could practice a lot more so I'm saving up to put a riding area in at home. Only way I know to get me more time in the saddle. 
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Reg. Oct 2011
Posted 2015-01-13 11:47 AM
Subject: RE: Time management

Elite Veteran

Posts: 1162
Location: White Mountains of AZ
BarrelRacing4Christ - 2014-10-29 8:42 PM

It's all about prioritizing. What things in life are more important to you? What will help you succeed in life? Your boyfriend is a temporary thing... don't get me wrong, but I was a teenager once. Boys at your age are 110% retarded. Your family and your horses will always be there for you. Friends and boyfriends come and go.

This!! If your horses are something you really want to focus on, you'd be figuring out a way to get it done. I know it's hard, but your friends, family, and relationship should understand that your horses come first!
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Reg. Feb 2015
Posted 2015-02-11 9:17 PM
Subject: RE: Time management


Posts: 1
try to spend more time in what matters you most.
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Reg. Mar 2015
Posted 2015-04-02 10:50 PM
Subject: RE: Time management

It's hard. Take a break from a few things. Figure out what you can go without for awhile and what you need. It will get better and all fall together.
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Reg. Sep 2015
Posted 2015-09-08 1:50 PM
Subject: RE: Time management


Posts: 5
sometimes you have to cut something from the schedule. nobody's superman. how many universities are you applying to? if you need money and can get good grades and scholarship then why work part time?
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Reg. Jul 2008
Posted 2015-09-08 3:36 PM
Subject: RE: Time management

Take a Picture

Posts: 12216
My suggestion is put that boyfriend on a horse. That way you get two horses ridden and get to spend time with the boyfriend. How long do you volunteer on those days. Do you have to log a certain number of hours? If not spend a little less time volunteering. When I was in high school I would ride as soon as I got home, feed 200 head of hogs, then prepare supper for my family. After the kitchen was cleaned up I did homework. ( My mother died.) Not trying to give you a sob story, just saying it can be done.
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Reg. Oct 2017
Posted 2017-10-16 10:41 PM
Subject: RE: Time management


Posts: 9
Yayyyy it’s not just me who has trouble managing time!!!

It definitely sucks.
I find going to bed earlier and getting up earlier really helps give some extra time. Also prioritize, prioritize, prioritize!!!
What do you want to accomplish?
Maybe lunge and do groundwork somedays instead of riding. As for a place to ride there are millions of things to do to improve your barrel racing with even breaking a walk. Practicing your body position through the turn and getting your horse to bend, move off of leg pressure, turn snappier etc at a walk can help wonders when you are going full speed on the pattern. I struggle with wet, slippery ground where I live too.
Also try intreval training for fitness (you can do along a sandy roadside, on a gravel road, on a longish driveway etc). And transitions can help wonders and you don’t need a tonne of wide open space to do them. The little things. I find riding my horses at walk bareback for a whole ride and working on softening, bending and I’ve read that walking can stretch the muscles better than any other gait and it is easier on their joints and horses are less probe to injury if they spend a lot of time walking.
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Reg. Dec 2018
Posted 2018-12-14 12:50 AM
Subject: RE: Time management


Posts: 3
Time management is one of the key skills which one should inbuild in themselves. It helps in improving personality, state of mind and one can focus on each and every necessary part of life like in studying, playing outdoors, having time for friends and family.
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Reg. May 2019
Posted 2019-05-28 4:17 AM
Subject: RE: Time management


Posts: 2

I think you should prioritize what is most important for you at the moment. And you should concentrate all of your efforts on the particular occupations.

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Reg. Nov 2004
Posted 2019-05-28 6:27 AM
Subject: RE: Time management

Elite Veteran

Posts: 1036
Location: Oklahoma

Why do we feel we have to do everything at once?!?  I'm done! lol  I am focusing on one to 2 things that will make me a better barrel racer and the means to do it! and not stress.  We put stress on ourselves!  Sometimes you need to step back bc you can be running in circles trying to accomplish everything at once!  Where do you want to be in 5 years? and then figure out the steps it would take to get there!  Even with the horses.  Even if you can only ride 1 or 2x week while you going to school but dont do races thats ok!  Because when you get out of school and get job and then add your races in.  Because you have the money and time.  just example not saying thats what you should do.  Just saying quit trying to do everything at once!  Enjoy life! Set yourself up for success!

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Delta Cowgirl
Reg. Apr 2005
Posted 2019-05-28 9:28 AM
Subject: RE: Time management

The Vaccinator

Posts: 3534
Location: Slipping down the slope of old age. Boo hoo.

BarrelRacing4Christ - 2014-10-29 10:42 PM It's all about prioritizing. What things in life are more important to you? What will help you succeed in life? Your boyfriend is a temporary thing... don't get me wrong, but I was a teenager once. Boys at your age are 110% retarded. Your family and your horses will always be there for you. Friends and boyfriends come and go.

It is about this -- prioritizing -- but instead of focusing on 'time' management -- you should focus on LIFE management!  Before you can prioritize, you must identify your short-term and long-term goals.  Then you can prioritize and build you life management around those.  Thank of your life as your bus -- ou own the bus -- you are the driver -- you must decide where you going to drive the bus, which road to take, and who gets to be on the bus...... and remember, the bus needs fuel so make sure taking care of yourself is a goal/strategy.  I know people who chase someone else's bus... and they are pretty tired and miserable people.  And people who just get on board anyone and everyone's bus -- again they are confused and tired and not happy.  Only invite those who truly support you to take a bus ride with you!   

For me, using a Planner enables me to manage my bus! It has monthly calendars and two pages for each day of the month.  I use the Franklin Planner.  Have for years and years -- my work life and personal life are 'driven' in one place......  it does take discipline, but learning discipline is extremely important for success in work and personal endeavors.....

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