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Trading in the Helmet for the Hat

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Last activity 2018-05-15 3:23 PM
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Reg. Apr 2018
Posted 2018-05-13 4:34 PM
Subject: RE: Trading in the Helmet for the Hat


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I used to ride with a helmet for many many years. I did 4h and english (which required helmets) Now that I barrel race, If I feel like my horse is strong or that I am nervous I will run in a helmet. Other than that I always wear a hat! I must say that i LOVE it. just my opinion, but I do agree with using helmets. usually if its a bigger rodeo (like the perf or something) I will always wear a hat.
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Reg. Feb 2009
Posted 2018-05-14 1:38 PM
Subject: RE: Trading in the Helmet for the Hat

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barrelracer1414 - 2014-12-29 5:56 PM Alright I've been riding for over 8 years now (I'm 14) and seriously competing in barrels at NBHA BBR and other local associations for over 4 and a half years, but have the direct rule that I have to wear a helmet. In no way am I saying wearing one is a bad thing, nor is it really embarrassing but more annoying. I only have to wear one when I run, but this year will mark the first year I'm going to commit to rodeoing rather than Jackpots. I would really like to trade in my helmet for a hat at the Rodeos never the less, but just can't see a way of convincing my parents to go along with my idea too. Yes, I know an accident could happen no matter how long I've been riding or how solid my horse is, but as many of you could relate, the helmet just isn't "appealing" to the rodeo world, even with Fallon Taylor's stand. Any Advice on convincing my parents would be appreciated! Thanks!

Get a Resitol Ride Safe, it looks like a felt hat but is a helmet.  My niece has one and loves how it feels and it really is hard to tell it's not a hat.   
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Reg. Oct 2004
Posted 2018-05-15 8:17 AM
Subject: RE: Trading in the Helmet for the Hat


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 I watched a young girl ride over the years with a helmet on. She too couldn't wait till she was old enough to wear a hat.  The day she turned 18 she came to a barrel clinic. I remember watching her just walk her horse around, next thing I know he's up in the air and she fell off and hit her head. Knocked her right out! Scared me and others half to death.  She had this horse for 8 years and NEVER ever had a problem. Anything can happen.  I wear a helmet now and have a RideSafe I'm selling as I'm so used to the plain helmet. Glad you are sticking with saftey!
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Reg. Jun 2006
Posted 2018-05-15 9:26 AM
Subject: RE: Trading in the Helmet for the Hat


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When my husband rode bulls, his parents made him wear a helmet before he was 18. He couldn't wait until he turned 18 to start wearing a hat.  Wore a hat for about 6 months until he saw his best friend get his head stepped on for the 2nd time. Went back to the helmet and used it until he quit riding.  I have never worn a helmet but I think I'm going to start.  It just makes sense and I have 2 kids, now.  I would hate for something to happen that could've been avoided wearing a helmet. 
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Reg. Sep 2011
Posted 2018-05-15 9:40 AM
Subject: RE: Trading in the Helmet for the Hat

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Everybody has a right to wear what they want, so I don't preach.. I wear a helmet because I'm thinking not only of my own safety - but I'm also thinking of those that would have to take care of me if something happened that could have been prevented/minimized.
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Rolling J
Reg. Mar 2009
Posted 2018-05-15 11:10 AM
Subject: RE: Trading in the Helmet for the Hat

Dancing in my Mind

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I am not sure where you are from but we live in Ohio and my daughter is a member of the OH HS Rodeo Assoc. and I can say with certainty that helmets are a very COMMON sight. They are not required but I would say will over half wear them in the arena when barrel racing or pole bending. Several of our girls even wear them for grand entry and goat tying. We have joint rodeos with Indiana and WVa (which is a large 6 state rodeo event) and it is not just an Ohio thing. I honestly think you will be surprised by how many rodeo teens wear them.
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Reg. Feb 2012
Posted 2018-05-15 1:45 PM
Subject: RE: Trading in the Helmet for the Hat

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MNcanchaser7 - 2014-12-30 7:46 AM

I think your best bet would be to find a helmet you like for the next four years, and then switch out to a hat. No amount of convincing will change your parents mind I'm sure. Barrel racing can be dangerous, and if all they ask is that you wear a helmet while you compete, it's best to just respect their wishes. I'm assuming by your age that your parents are probably your main source of financial stability and rides to the events... When you're pulling your own rig and writing your own checks, then you can make your own decisions. :)

You're not going to like this answer, but I agree with MNcanchaser here. This may sound really straight forward, but I promise I don't mean it to sound harsh, just coming from a parent's perspective here... :) My little girl is 4. When she does barrel race when she gets older, she WILL wear a helmet. No helmet, no horse, no run. I myself wear a helmet by choice, and until she's 18 and paying her own way, she will play by my rules. When she's 18, she can choose for herself. No amount of begging, pleading, or convincing on her part will change my mind. She can choose not to wear it I guess, and then I'll choose not to put her horse in my rig that day. :) I had an accident when I was about 16 and my mom didn't make me wear a helmet. I'm danged lucky I didn't get hurt.

I know 4 years seems like a really long time, but I promise you, it's not. I'd say it's best to respect your parents here. They really only are doing it because they care about you. If they let you take that helmet off when that's where their convictions lie, and something happened to you, they'd never forgive themselves.

Again, I don't want that to sound harsh. I know it sucks sometimes feeling different. But, the time will go by fast (I promise) and then you'll get to decide for yourself.
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Reg. Dec 2005
Posted 2018-05-15 3:23 PM
Subject: RE: Trading in the Helmet for the Hat


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Iā€™d prefer not to think bull riders are smarter than us barrel racers!
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