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What's in Your Equine Vet Box

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Last activity 2015-05-18 3:00 PM
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Reg. Oct 2007
Posted 2015-05-18 10:32 AM
Subject: What's in Your Equine Vet Box

Location: WI
Either for at home, or on the road, what are necessities that you always like to have on hand? For emergency cuts, lameness issues, abscesses, etc? Not so much as the bute or banamine, but more like vet wrap, gauze, scissors, etc. I'd like to create a checklist of what to have available at all times.
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Just Bring It
Reg. Oct 2003
Posted 2015-05-18 10:58 AM
Subject: RE: What's in Your Equine Vet Box

Husband Spoiler

Posts: 4151
Location: North Dakota
I will be watching this post. I have been wanting to restock my vet box as well. Mine is very old and has been picked over throughout the years so I want to go through it and restock what is all missing. Banamine for sure! Of course I never need it until I don't have it! I have only had a horse colic once and luckily it was at home and not a bad one. Well I remember thinking how I needed to restock my Banamine because I was out (had a horse that needed Banamine everyday for an injury). I didn't worry too much about it and went to a weekend barrel race...what happens? My mare coliced! Luckily my friend was well stocked with Banamine, syringes, and needles but I felt so horrible that I didn't have that on hand to help my girl out. Never again!!
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Reg. May 2007
Posted 2015-05-18 12:06 PM
Subject: RE: What's in Your Equine Vet Box

Not Afraid to Work

Posts: 4540
I dont have a lot of stuff in mine but I do keep Elastikon Tape, Gauze, vet wrap, duct tape, EMT, quilted wrap, polos, ice packs, furozone and a few other misc ointments. I dont travel too far from home so I keep what I need to get them home safely.
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cheryl makofka
Reg. Jan 2011
Posted 2015-05-18 12:59 PM
Subject: RE: What's in Your Equine Vet Box

The Advice Guru

Posts: 6419
I have a big shelf full of stuff at home, and I carry a back pack with me when I am hauling

The backpack consists of

Vet wrap 2 rolls

Chlorahexadine scrub brush

Breast pads, disposable and individually wrapped, very absorbent, cheap, and cover a foot or wrap nicely around a leg

Blue pads, these are like puppy pads but I get mine from a medical store, gives me a clean spot to work, works well for wrapping the leg to sweat or poultice

Hoof poultice pads

Sterile 4x4 about 5 packages

Telfa pads, these are non stick, smaller in size then breast pads, I keep a box

Antibiotic ointment, I either use polysporin, or a sulphur based

Saline 500 ml bottle

Saline in an aresol can

Syringes, needles, I carry about 2 of 5,10,30 syringes, and needles 22, and 20. These I can use to irrigate the wounds, also use to administer antibiotics, banamine, bute, ventipulmin

Duct tape

In my trailer I carry

Sore no more poulticing clay
Magic cushion

Also in my trailer I carry a non rebreather mask incase I have to perform CPR
I also carry a few human specific first aid things

For meds I carry

Ace for stone bruises
Ventipulmin for respiratory
Banamine for inflammation
Omeprazole paste for just incase
Penicillin iv one dose

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Reg. Oct 2007
Posted 2015-05-18 2:35 PM
Subject: RE: What's in Your Equine Vet Box

Location: WI
This is the list I have going so far today made up of things that I would like to make sure i have:

Bandage Scissors
duct tape
flash light
hand towels
no-bow bandages
cotton rolls
rubber gloves
saran wrap
standing wraps
vet wrap

betadine scrub
Epsom salt
hydrogen peroxide
mineral oil
rubbing alcohol
SMZ tabs
triple antibiotic eye ointment
thrush buster
wonder dust

Emergency phone numbers - Vets, neighbors, etc.
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cheryl makofka
Reg. Jan 2011
Posted 2015-05-18 3:00 PM
Subject: RE: What's in Your Equine Vet Box

The Advice Guru

Posts: 6419
With your list you may want to add stethoscope
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