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Renew Gold Backordered

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Last activity 2015-12-15 6:28 AM
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Reg. Jul 2013
Posted 2015-12-09 7:12 PM
Subject: RE: Renew Gold Backordered


Posts: 1643
Location: Willows, CA
sandygirl1 - 2015-12-09 6:52 PM

How much do you feed and how long does a bag last? I use Healthy Coat currently but have heard good things about renew gold.

The best guideline for feeding Renew Gold is the "half pound rule". That is 1/2 pound of Renew Gold per day, total, for each job the horse does. Living is a job, growing is a job, weight gain, pregnancy, being ridden, high stress from hauling, surgery recovery are all jobs. Most mature horses do two or three jobs, so would be at one pound to one and one half pounds per day. For a job like weight gain, you would add one half pound per day until the horse had added the condition you want, then that job would be over and that one half pound would come back out of the diet. While all horses are a little different, this is a very good base to start from. 3 1/2 kitchen measuring cups equal one pound. Remember, these rates are total per day, not per feeding.

The bags are 30 pounds.
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magic gunsmoke
Reg. Dec 2010
Posted 2015-12-09 8:33 PM
Subject: RE: Renew Gold Backordered

IMA No Hair Style Gal

Posts: 2594
I am so glad to get the information on this thread. TSC has terrible customer service. I have been out of Renew Gold for two months. Every Tuesday I call and the first month every time I got a different person and only one of them knew what the product was.so I had to keep getting ahold of the special orders lady who is rude. We drove two hours to get one bag that was left at a TSC only to run out again. We called another TSC gave the sku number and everything and the guy wouldn't order it.No one at TSC wants to do their job. If I was not such a believer of this product I would be moving on. I am currently stuck getting rice bran from Southern states and mixing it with oats and beet pulp until I can get a TSC that has their crap together. I am PRAYING that this one store will EVENTUALLY get it in. I will be calling both numbers tomorrow to get this sorted out.

I was purchasing from a mom and pop feed store but was paying 45 a bag, so when renew gold became available at TSC for 30.00 we figured we would buy from them. As a result the mom and pop feed store is mad we left them and doesn't want to special order for us anymore. I just wish SOMEONE cared enough to take my money. I have been getting names and such to send a complaint in to TSC I am so sick of it.
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Reg. Mar 2011
Posted 2015-12-10 7:53 AM
Subject: RE: Renew Gold Backordered

Elite Veteran

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Whew, yall got me scared yesterday so I ran out to TSC and bought all they had... 2 bags and they couldnt tell me when they would get more. Ill just order it!
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Reg. Oct 2006
Posted 2015-12-15 6:28 AM
Subject: RE: Renew Gold Backordered

Buttered Noodles Snacker

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Location: NC
I went last night to TS to order a bag since they don't keep it stocked and the girl said when she pulled it up to order it came up as 'Seasonal/unavailable"...   Is it an east coast issue?  I noticed that no TS in the area carry it.    
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