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Reg. Aug 2016
Posted 2017-02-22 12:48 PM
Subject: HAY Cubes BEWARE.


Posts: 9
We are fortunate enough to live in one of the high mountain valleys that produce some of the best alfalfa hay in the world. Unfortunately due to weather circumstances sometimes the alfalfa gets rained on after it is cut and laying in windrows in the field. Major problems arise and the hay becomes bleached, looses it nutritional value, and is only fit for cow hay. Regardless some farmers will go ahead, bale it, bleached, moldy and send it to the cubers. They in turn put this substandard, hay into cubes adding green dye in the process to make it 'look' fresh and green. Don't be fooled. Not all hay cubes are the same and not all hay cubes are from FRESH cut quality alfalfa. If you are feeding cubes and your horse is coughing or wheezing you may have cubed 'cow' hay. Be safe out there and keep turning. HUGS.
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Reg. Jul 2008
Posted 2017-02-22 2:57 PM
Subject: RE: HAY Cubes BEWARE.

Take a Picture

Posts: 12399
Thanks for the heads up
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Reg. May 2004
Posted 2017-02-22 3:08 PM
Subject: RE: HAY Cubes BEWARE.

Military family

Keeper of the King Snake

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Location: Dubach, LA
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Reg. Oct 2004
Posted 2017-02-23 8:22 AM
Subject: RE: HAY Cubes BEWARE.


Posts: 3322
Location: Got Lobsta?
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Reg. Nov 2010
Posted 2017-02-23 1:43 PM
Subject: RE: HAY Cubes BEWARE.


Posts: 77
Hope this isn't the case with the cubes I'm feeding
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Reg. Nov 2010
Posted 2017-02-23 2:16 PM
Subject: RE: HAY Cubes BEWARE.

Elite Veteran

Posts: 690
Location: Georgia
I stopped feeding cubes all together.  They were all dusty and made me cough when pouring them into the barrel.  My horse hasnt coughed since
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Reg. Sep 2018
Posted 2018-09-27 4:07 AM
Subject: RE: HAY Cubes BEWARE.


Posts: 5
My friend does the same.
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Reg. May 2008
Posted 2018-09-27 1:00 PM
Subject: RE: HAY Cubes BEWARE.

I Am a Snake Killer

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Location: Golden Gulf Coast of Texas
Buy Hay-Rite! They are always excellent quality!
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Reg. Apr 2019
Posted 2019-04-22 5:24 PM
Subject: RE: HAY Cubes BEWARE.


Posts: 2
Beware with mosquitos and other insects you can find in Hay.

Last summer, I had 2 sick mares from moquist and tick bites, they are a plague in sunny summers.
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Flashin The County
Reg. Aug 2010
Posted 2019-04-22 8:10 PM
Subject: RE: HAY Cubes BEWARE.


Posts: 286

What are the signs?  How do you know if the cubes are good or not?  We feed Standlee cubes, any info on them?

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Reg. Feb 2012
Posted 2019-04-22 9:09 PM
Subject: RE: HAY Cubes BEWARE.


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Location: Missouri

mreklaw - 2018-09-27 1:00 PM Buy Hay-Rite! They are always excellent quality!

I feed Hay-Rite, and I ran out one day and had to run to a local feed store to get a bag of something else to hold me over for 24 hrs. 

The difference in quality was astounding  the Hay-Rite cubes were clearly better quality. 

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