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Judge Cash

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Last activity 2018-09-11 10:28 PM
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Reg. Jul 2012
Posted 2018-09-10 9:11 AM
Subject: Judge Cash

Military family

That's White "Man" to You

Posts: 5117
 How do you all like Judge Cash horses?
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Reg. Feb 2012
Posted 2018-09-10 9:20 AM
Subject: RE: Judge Cash


Posts: 3751
Location: Gainesville, TX
I know I really really want a daughter in my herd.
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Reg. Nov 2006
Posted 2018-09-10 9:38 AM
Subject: RE: Judge Cash

A Somebody to Everybody

Posts: 38014
Location: *Seguin TEXAS of Course*
I have never owned one but sure would like to have one, even if all I do is look at him/her all day long. I have met a few and love the looks and personally of them. Every time I look at ads and see Judge Cash on them I LOOK . I dont need another horse but maybe one day 

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Reg. Mar 2013
Posted 2018-09-10 10:16 AM
Subject: RE: Judge Cash


Posts: 1947
Location: Northwest La.
I wish I owned one. He is known for being a broodmare sire. I am sure he is more sought after since he is no longer with us.
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Reg. Jul 2013
Posted 2018-09-10 10:23 AM
Subject: RE: Judge Cash

Elite Veteran

Posts: 639
Location: God's country...aka TEXAS
I have an own daughter. She was a 1D barrel horse. Toughest, grittiest mare ever. Lots of bone and solid build. She looks just like Judge Cash and is now giving me beautiful babies. Can't say enough good things about Judge....
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Mighty Broke
Reg. Jul 2004
Posted 2018-09-10 10:25 AM
Subject: RE: Judge Cash

Guys Just Wanna Have Fun

Posts: 5260
Location: OH
I believe that his legacy is yet unwritten---as you know, Cowans got very involved with him the last years of his life. May of these horses are still too young to compete, but when you throw Cowans broodmare power at something---good things would have to happen---I would think so anyways. 
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Reg. Aug 2013
Posted 2018-09-10 10:33 AM
Subject: RE: Judge Cash


Posts: 2450
JC horses are strong in mind and body. I dig the way the ones that have made WPRA money are literally the ones that can stand up in any ground and aren't prima donnas about it.

They are bigger boned and stouter made - so I can see why they didn't take off as much on the track. Own daughters breed forward very, very well.

Shari Taggart has a JC filly out of a Tres Seis daughter that just screams brains and athleticism.
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Reg. Dec 2003
Posted 2018-09-10 10:55 AM
Subject: RE: Judge Cash

Military family


Posts: 19189
Location: Peg-Leg Julia Grimm
A little history. JC was a hell of a racehorse. He was raced by NW based trainer and owners. When he retired to stud it was here in Central Oregon where his owners lived. Oregon is NOT the mecca of racehorse breeding that some other places are. The race people that were breeding mares all bred to him. He had some really good race babies here that also did well in OK. One of them was a crop out that was a World Champion racehorse in the APHA. Many others raced here in the NW all their lives. They won a lot of races.

In 1997 AQHA began allowing the use of cooled shipped semen and many breeders (as people always do) thought they wanted to try big named stallions in the south. About the same time Judge Cash oldest babies started hitting the barrel pen and he started getting more working or barrel bred mares. Or people who didn't care to race the resulting babies. The rest is history.

So don't think for a minute he wasn't siring racehorses. He sure was. Shipped semen was the reason race people stopped breeding to him to race. They no longer had to ship mares to the big studs to breed to them.

To answer your question. I like the mares by him a lot better than the colts by him. I just get along with them better. My opinion is Judge Cash carried the X factor heart and his daughters have it. That's why they are great producers.
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Reg. Jun 2010
Posted 2018-09-10 11:21 AM
Subject: RE: Judge Cash


Posts: 161
Location: Right Where I'm Meant To Be :)
I just purchased an own son JC gelding out of Sun Frost (great grandson). Absolutely LOVE him so far! Very smooth ride, smart as a whip, great personality but he does have his dam’s bronc if he doesn’t like something. Beautiful animal
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Reg. Dec 2005
Posted 2018-09-10 1:53 PM
Subject: RE: Judge Cash


Posts: 196
I have a own son of JC out of a Sharp Frenchman mare. He is large boned and will run 1D without much effort on his part, but, you have to ask for it. Easy in every other way, he is pretty auto pilot, but you have to ride and ask for the speed.  He is also just as happy to lope a 2D/3D time. He took a while to mature mentally and still kind of prefers life to be routine. Doesnt need much tuning, just ride. Same even after a few months off. He is not the grittiest horse I have ever owned , but not a prima dona either. I also have one that is out of a daughter of JC who was laid back and easy to break, willing. Havent started on pattern yet.
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Reg. Apr 2013
Posted 2018-09-10 2:01 PM
Subject: RE: Judge Cash

Elite Veteran

Posts: 915
Location: SE KS
Sarah Gropper, Solid Foundation Ranch has a JC son she rides and breeds!!! He's very pretty!!!
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Reg. Feb 2008
Posted 2018-09-11 7:35 AM
Subject: RE: Judge Cash

Miss Laundry Misshap

Posts: 4944
lhighquality - 2018-09-10 2:01 PM Sarah Gropper, Solid Foundation Ranch has a JC son she rides and breeds!!! He's very pretty!!!

Was getting ready to say the same thing.  He's a sweetheart from everything she's posted.  The babies sure are amazing looking too.  
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Reg. Feb 2004
Posted 2018-09-11 1:02 PM
Subject: RE: Judge Cash

I have 4 yo daughter I raised.  She is not outstanding looking, nor real eye-catching.  Basically a plain sorrel, but is super stout with a lot of bone.  Her attitude is tops and her willingness is right there as well.  She's super broke and going around the barrels seems to not be a problem for her at all.  She will definitely be a push-style.  I would take another like her.   
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Reg. Nov 2009
Posted 2018-09-11 6:53 PM
Subject: RE: Judge Cash


Posts: 4594
Location: Desert Land
I love them! I have had a mare, gelding and yearling colt by him. The gelding passed away last fall unfortunately and I just sold the colt, but I still have the mare in my broodmare band. The mare just had her first baby by Woodbridge this year and I am really impressed. I would love to have another mare. The colt from last year is out of a really nice FG daughter - he was supposed to be a SHE so I could keep her, LOL.

With all 3 that I have had all out of different mares and they all have big, strong feet, lots of bone and not only smart but very willing. I wish I would have jumped on the band wagon and started breeding to him years ago.
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got boost?
Reg. Sep 2003
Posted 2018-09-11 10:28 PM
Subject: RE: Judge Cash

Loves to compete

Posts: 5715
Location: Oakdale, CA
Ive had an own daughter and I now own a 4 year old gelding........  Love them both!  Great bone, great feet, nice big eye.........kind, confident and willing....................
love love love them...............
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