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40% tear in suspensory

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Last activity 2018-09-11 6:41 PM
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Reg. Aug 2015
Posted 2018-09-10 9:43 PM
Subject: 40% tear in suspensory


Posts: 125
Have a horse just diagnosed with 40% tear in suspensory. Would love to hear everyone’s experience treatment and outcomes
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Reg. Sep 2015
Posted 2018-09-11 12:25 PM
Subject: RE: 40% tear in suspensory

Elite Veteran

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I had one tear on the front, we did stall rest, multiple shockwave sessions, hand walking, and she came back great. She then did something that broke her rear sesamoid bone and tore the suspensory. The bone healed, but the suspensory did not heal correctly. We again did shockwave since she responded so well the first time. I think she ended up being on stall rest for too long, it was the middle of winter and a lot of ice. When I would walk her she constantly reared on her back legs, try to run off, etc. so she didn't get walked as much/as soon as she should have. When she was in her stall she would kick the walls. Looking back now, I should have sedated her for her rest period. She is now broodmare sound only.

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Reg. Feb 2009
Posted 2018-09-11 1:25 PM
Subject: RE: 40% tear in suspensory

Hummer's Hero

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Not suspensory, but I'm currently dealing with a large tear (70%) in the DDF, with involvement of the Superficial Flexor Tendon, on a front leg. He's been on nearly 3.5 months of stall rest. Hydrotherapy, handwalking, BOT boots, PLR wedge shoes, etc. He is healing amazing, and the only thing I can figure out is that my best friend is an AE dealer and talked me into putting him on Cisuss, along with his Detox, which he was already on. It's an herb that's supposed to be good for tendon/ligament recovery. First apt for u/s, I could see the huge hole in his tendon (and I'm a dummy when looking at u/s)...and two vets checked it multiple times to see if it was real. Second visit...multiple vets checked multiple times, and COULD...NOT...FIND...IT!!!! There was evidence of injury--scar tissue and edema, but no hole. None of them could believe it. I can only credit the cisuss as I'm terrible at consistency with his therapies (job, mom duties, riding outside horses). The only other thing I added was MSM as an anti-inflammatory because he really cannot have NSAIDs due to IBS.
My goal for mine is not to return to work, just to get him pasture sound. He's 17 and he's more than earned his retirement, therefore, I'm not doing some of the other options such as shockwave, but it was suggested if I wanted to try it and maybe come back as a youth horse, but he's just too much horse for that. He won the race he got hurt at, and I am happy to just let him have a happy life. Stall rest is hard, but a slow feed net has helped a lot, Equine Senior and probiotics have kept him eating good and he looks great still. I actually put him out on my yard every evening in a 12x12 area, just staked and roped off so I can move it every night. He gets to graze for an hour or two while I'm doing my riding and cleaning stalls. Helps keep him happy and frees up my time from hand grazing him.
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Reg. Dec 2007
Posted 2018-09-11 6:41 PM
Subject: RE: 40% tear in suspensory

Shelter Dog Lover

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My gelding also had a 40% tear with some of the bone torn away. He was given less than 19% chance of being sound. I did PRP, sweated 5 nights a week with Runner’s Relief, iced a couple of times a day and used magnets during the day. I hand walked a couple of times a day and hand grazed a lot. I kept him stalled for six weeks, graduated to a small pen, by accident he got turned out while I was gone for the weekend at about two months. I panicked took him into the vet and they were amazed at how well he was healing so I continue to let him have small turn out time from that point on . He was completely healed at eight months, I continued to leg him up for three more months before I entered him just to be safe. He recovered 100% and ran strong for six more years before I retired him.
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