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Horse Won't Urinate At Race

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Last activity 2019-03-12 6:57 AM
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Reg. Jul 2004
Posted 2019-03-11 4:58 PM
Subject: Horse Won't Urinate At Race

Scorpions R Us

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Location: So. Cali.

The title pretty much says it all.... Starting to haul my stallion more frequently. Weekend before last he was fine until after our run, when I got off he started acting almost colicy. Backing up (he does this when he's in pain) and pawing. Once I got the saddle off him he seemed completely better. First thing he did when he got back home was urinate.

Now this last weekend I had gotten off prior to my run because I had to go to the restroom myself. When I went to tie him up he tried to go down, again started backing up, stretching, pawing. This is when it clicked with me he hadnt urinated. I tried scratching his belly to get him to relax. Even put him in the trailer on the shavings hoping that would do the trick, no such luck. Once I was on him and put him to work it seemed to go away. Hopefully I dont get grief for this, but I did end up running him (and by running I mean a lope thru). Once back at trailer I had located banamine and gave him some so he wouldnt try to go down in the trailer. Again, once back at trailer and unsaddled he seemed completely fine.... And again did not urinate until back home in his stall.

So....suggestions? Was thinking lasix? Never really had this issue before....Not sure if he use to get introuble for 'showing it' in public and that's why he isnt comfortable doing it?

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Reg. Aug 2006
Posted 2019-03-11 6:13 PM
Subject: RE: Horse Won't Urinate At Race

Extreme Veteran

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Location: ARKANSAS

sounds to me like he may trying to tie up on you....my old barrel horse would do something similar, as he got older, 8-9 years old he i got on him to go onn a trail ride and he refused to go forward at all, and normally he would walk through fire for me!!! so i called the vet and he drew blood and sure enough he was tying up...since then (and he is now 26) he has been fed vit E and selenium and MSM in his feed daily and has never had another episode...he would also stretch out and try to pee and grunt but he never would do anything till after the vet got there.


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Reg. Jun 2011
Posted 2019-03-12 6:57 AM
Subject: RE: Horse Won't Urinate At Race


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grab a scoop full or two of shavings out of the trailer and toss it where you tie him.

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