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Goats as companions

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Last activity 2019-08-14 2:50 PM
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Reg. Dec 2012
Posted 2019-08-13 7:16 AM
Subject: Goats as companions


Posts: 1304

I’m sure this has been talked about before; who has a goat as a companion for their horse?

We had goats/showed goats when I was a kid so and I have really been considering getting one for my horse. He gets buddy sour with the cows so I’m sure he might with a goat..but I want him to have a buddy that requires little maintenance (other than a good deworming regimen).

Tell me about your goat companions!

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Reg. Dec 2003
Posted 2019-08-13 1:18 PM
Subject: RE: Goats as companions

Saint Stacey


Our horses never much cared for the goats. We got a mini pony. Best $50 I’ve ever spent! He babysits horses that are injured and being stalled, single horses going to rodeo’s, the naughty stud colt, the baby when her momma is being ridden...the list of his duties goes on and on. He eats 1 small flake of hay a day. 

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Reg. Nov 2006
Posted 2019-08-13 2:21 PM
Subject: RE: Goats as companions

A Somebody to Everybody

Posts: 38624
Location: *Seguin TEXAS of Course*

I agree, a mini would be a better companion. I have one also and every body loves Stanley..

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Reg. Jul 2004
Posted 2019-08-13 2:37 PM
Subject: RE: Goats as companions

Party Girl

Posts: 12293
Location: Buffalo, Wyoming

I would be scared the goat would always be chewing on my horses tails?!?

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Reg. Feb 2016
Posted 2019-08-13 2:59 PM
Subject: RE: Goats as companions

Extreme Veteran

Posts: 412

I got rid of my goats because they are messy and kept finding ways to get out of my fence. Mini horses are the way to go! 

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Reg. Jun 2007
Posted 2019-08-13 3:19 PM
Subject: RE: Goats as companions

Elite Veteran

Posts: 1115
Location: MI

I'm pro goat! I have two Nubian whethers (like geldings) with my mare and it works great. Fly loves them and they love her lol. I think it helped getting them as babies and having two so they don't go crazy when I take her away. They share a run-in barn with my horse- they have their own section that has livestock panels and then when I'm home I let them out and they stay close to her out in the pasture. (I've since expanded their pen from the baby pic below). Low cost, hearty, super fun personalities. They're surprisingly easy to train (with horse treats haha) to go in their pen when I want and what-not. 

They're pretty easy to get rid of too if they don't work out for some reason..even to the meat market if absolutely necessary. Overall I've had a positive experience-  like you, I had goats growing up. 

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Reg. Jul 2013
Posted 2019-08-13 3:46 PM
Subject: RE: Goats as companions


Posts: 1417
Location: Willows, CA

Many years ago my wife bought a goat at the local sale yard for a cutting horse gelding that we had. We had to rescue the goat, and he was lucky to get out of the stall alive. We ended up giving it away. Some horses may get along great with goats, but that one did not. Needless to say, that was the only time we tried.

Edited by winwillows 2019-08-13 3:47 PM
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Reg. Dec 2012
Posted 2019-08-14 2:39 PM
Subject: RE: Goats as companions


Posts: 1304

Thanks for all of the responses guys!! 

I'll look into a pony/miniature horse. I'm a little partial to goats, but I'll entertain all options. Lol.

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Reg. Apr 2009
Posted 2019-08-14 2:50 PM
Subject: RE: Goats as companions

Living within my means

Posts: 4742
Location: Randolph, Utah

My aunt tried to get a goat for a colt that kept jumping out, it didn't help, we ended up bringing another horse in and that horse would pick the goat up and throw it across the field. 

it was a disaster. LOL 


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