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Hauling with someone

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Last activity 2020-05-26 2:12 PM
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Reg. Jan 2011
Posted 2020-05-26 8:51 AM
Subject: RE: Hauling with someone

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WiscoRacer - 2020-05-22 12:07 AM

Jazz's Girl - 2020-05-21 8:42 AM

WOW. I am so thankful for the hauling partners I've had. Now I've had some doozies but for the most part, Ive been blessed with great people.

The WORST one by far was someone who I thought was a "friend". Turned out to be a backstabbing USER. We hauled regularly for about 5 months. We would alternate whose rig we took. Sometimes it was hers, other times it was ours. I never asked her for fuel $ but always offered to pay when she hauled. She usually turned it down. So I would buy her dinner. The WORST thing about hauling with her was the attitude. If she had a bad run, forget a pleasant drive home. And get ready to feel like crap if you had a good one.... It was toxic and I see that now. But I was new to the area and didnt know anyone. She called me one night and told me I had 1 week to get my horses off her property. When I asked why, not paying for fuel was one of the reasons she gave. Along with not paying board. But the kicker, I offered money EVERY MONTH that she refused. I paid 1/2 of the water bill even though my horses drank out of the pond more than anything. My husband cut her 20 acre pasture several times and never even asked for fuel money or reimbursement AND her kid had my small bp trailer with her at college 3 hrs away. I thought I was going above and beyond. Guess not. In the end I am alot better off without her.

I will usually haul with anyone who has room. My horse is easy. I cannot stand clutter so I keep things cleaned up. I had 2 friends that I hauled with regularly when we lived back home. Both loved me cuz I am a morning person and would have horses taken care of before they got up. We just meshed and worked well together. I miss them!!!!
Theres 1 person up here that I enjoy hauling with. We get along and our horses get along.

Just be up front with the friend about everything. Dont let anything fester or it will ruin the friendship. If at the end of the day you really dont enjoy hauling with her, tell her it isnt going to work out. You may lose a friend though.... 

I don't care if you're the biggest slob in the world and leave a whole piece of toast in my bed; if you let your "bad" run affect you for more than 20 minutes, I don't even want to be friends with you. Literally the worst people to haul with are the ones who you have to walk on eggshells around just because their horse stepped off the 2nd barrel! 




AND on the flip side of this. I dont care about a lot of other things but if you do what the above poster said OR if I have a nice run and *gasp* out run YOU for once, and I have to walk on eggshells because of it. Get the F out. Or i will depending who drove. LOL. Like, I'm not talking bragging or being ridiculous, Im talking your friend can't be excited when you do well or even let you feel like you can be excited for a hot second without butt hurting your "friend." That's justa complete deal breaker.

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Reg. May 2007
Posted 2020-05-26 2:12 PM
Subject: RE: Hauling with someone

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Yeah - I agree with the majority here... this ones on you. I have done a lot of hauling with others and have hauled a lot of people. It has always been assumed, if you're going together, you're riding/staying together. If that were not to be the case, that is always brought up in the beginning. 50/50 is fair for fuel/electrical or whatever costs in that region. It would have all been on you.

I personally hate sleeping with people, even my closest friends BUT when I offer to bring someone or go with someone on an overnight, I know I will have a tougher nights sleep. If I am worried about it, I haul alone.

I would just be honest with her, hauling with people is a blast but it can be a struggle to find people you are compatible with. I totally agree on the sore sports. If I dont have a great run, I do like to talk through it... just my personality but I absolutely will not be bitter about it or take away from hauling partners excitement if they have a good run.

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