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Poll Sport Boots-which ones and why?

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Last activity 2020-09-15 10:20 PM
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Sport Boots-which ones and why?
C.E. Legacy 2s5 Votes - [29.41%]
Prof. Choice VenTECH SMB Elites4 Votes - [23.53%]
Iconoclast4 Votes - [23.53%]
Dynamic Edge0 Votes - [0%]
5 Star1 Votes - [5.88%]
CE or Ed Wright leather splint boots1 Votes - [5.88%]
SK Equine1 Votes - [5.88%]
Top Hand1 Votes - [5.88%]
Add your own option:
This is a multiple choice poll.

**Cowgirl Up**
Reg. Jul 2013
Posted 2020-09-14 9:19 AM
Subject: Sport Boots-which ones and why?

Extreme Veteran

Posts: 316
I need new boots and want the most support and shock protection with minimal bulk.

Feel free to add other options.
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Reg. Mar 2020
Posted 2020-09-14 1:02 PM
Subject: RE: Sport Boots-which ones and why?


Posts: 88
Location: Rc

I love my Legacy2s. They hold up for a long time and are reasonably priced. I love the fact that they have extra protection at the fetlock area.

The Classic Equine Cross fits are also very nice.

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Reg. Dec 2010
Posted 2020-09-14 2:46 PM
Subject: RE: Sport Boots-which ones and why?

Elite Veteran

Posts: 1164
Location: Illinois

A friend of mine is a dealer for the SK Equine brand. We were at a race this weekend and he was showing me all the new products. I fell in love with the boots, they fit more like a polo. And the velcro doesn't wrap around the tendon, so you're not putting points of pressure on the back of the tendon like every other boot. They're super nice 

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Reg. Jul 2015
Posted 2020-09-14 8:45 PM
Subject: RE: Sport Boots-which ones and why?

Extreme Veteran

Posts: 494

I really like Pro orthopedic, great quality, USA made, family owned company. Mine have held up great and I like the double sling. No boot will offer "support". You'd have to wrap it so tight you'd cut off the blood supply. I so feel like these are a great boot for protection and they last. 

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SC Wrangler
Reg. Jul 2004
Posted 2020-09-15 12:43 PM
Subject: RE: Sport Boots-which ones and why?

Nut Case Expert

Posts: 9216
Location: Tulsa, Ok

My two cents worth - boots and polos are there to protect against outside concussion and that is all they are good for.  They are all pretty much capable of that, so it is just a matter of personal preference and fit for the horse in question.

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Reg. Apr 2010
Posted 2020-09-15 10:20 PM
Subject: RE: Sport Boots-which ones and why?

Born not Made

Posts: 2738
Location: North Dakota

**Cowgirl Up** - 2020-09-14 9:19 AM I need new boots and want the most support and shock protection with minimal bulk. Feel free to add other options.

In my opinion, if you are using boots for "shock absorption" and "support", you are probably using them for the wrong reason.

A few years ago, I requested copies of the studies that Professional's Choice claims for ... what is it again .... 26% shock absorption I think they say? I'm going on memory here, but it turns out the real study had an extremely small sample size (talking like 6) and the support ranged from like 4% to 26% on those tested, so of course they chose to advertise the highest number. Anyway, it was pretty ridiculous to actually read the study and find out they hardly provide any support at all.

With that said, my boot of choice is Professionals Choice. But I use them for the physical protection, and I actually only use them on the front feet only (with bell boots). It's easier to replace a boot than horse flesh, for the rare time your horse my seriously step on themselves. But I boot up anything I am working in the arena on things like barrels, reining, jumping, etc. For the majority of my riding that I do out on the trail, all I use are bells (since my horses have shoes).

Out of curiosity, I just emailed Iconoclast for whatever research they have. We will see what they say for their "support".

But I encourage you all - READ THE STUDIES when a company makes a claim. You'd be surprised (or maybe not).


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