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Best barrel saddle for lower back pain?

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Last activity 2021-01-12 11:49 PM
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Reg. Jul 2011
Posted 2021-01-12 9:19 AM
Subject: Best barrel saddle for lower back pain?


Posts: 169

I need a new saddle and was recommened I get a pozzi (current saddle is a seat size too big really). I tend to have trouble sitting my turns. I wonder if that is due to my lower back? I'm not sure if its really a saddle issue? Any suggestions to help keep me on my butt turning? Maybe a different style saddle will help take some strain off it. I'm 108-110lbs on a powerhouse I could probably use some help lol

currently riding in a molly powell


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Reg. Oct 2003
Posted 2021-01-12 11:25 AM
Subject: RE: Best barrel saddle for lower back pain?

Military family

Whack and Roll

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Location: NE Texas

I'd recommned something that has a nice groundseat built in and sits narrower for you so it doesn't spread your hips out.  For a very secure riding saddle that is also very comfortable, I would recommend the newer Mike Green custom ride saddles (NOT the balanced ride or the older mike greens) but those that Southern Rose Ranch is building.  Another option would be a cutter cross type saddle with a nice groundseat built in.  The Jeff Smith saddles ride nice.  I don't love how they fit a horse but they do ride really nice.  


The Pozzi for me sits pretty flat and doesn't have much feel.  

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Reg. Nov 2006
Posted 2021-01-12 12:03 PM
Subject: RE: Best barrel saddle for lower back pain?

A Somebody to Everybody

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Location: Under The Big Sky Of Texas

Do you have back pain only while barrel racing? I would find a saddle with a narrow twist, maybe the saddle you have has a wider twist to it and thats causing your back pain, I know for me I have to have a narrow twist, if its to wide it would hurt my hips and I would pop up out of the saddle during turns.. My Double j's do have a narrow twist as well as my Caldwell.. The older Martha Joseys are narrow too. 

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run n rate
Reg. Feb 2007
Posted 2021-01-12 12:40 PM
Subject: RE: Best barrel saddle for lower back pain?

Balance Beam and more...

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I third the recommendation on the narrower twist.  I fractured 3 vertabrae in my low back about 12 years ago and riding could be very painful somedays.  I have an older Ammerman that I love but it is a much flatter wider hard seat on it, my left leg would go numb in left handed circles and my butt crack and right foot felt like someone was holding a torch to them.  My Crates had a much narrower seat but didnt' fit 2 of the 3 of my horses very well and tended to rock me forward on my ratey mare.  Last summer I bought a Double J Lynn McKenzie and my back thanks me every day for it!!!! No more burning or numb limbs!!!!


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Reg. Feb 2020
Posted 2021-01-12 1:56 PM
Subject: RE: Best barrel saddle for lower back pain?


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I have a lot of lower back issues after breaking my S3 and injuring my hip. I keep getting unseated in my Double J Lynn McKenzie on my new girl. I went to Robbie Phillips to fit us both out and am super excited to get the saddle. I went with a hard seat pencil roll that will hopefully keep me snugged in. My Double J is comfortable, but doesn't fit my mare and keeps dumping me out (never had that issue in it on other horses). I also like Ammerman Angel Kisses, but they're a flatter seat and lower cantle, so depends on your horse's style and what you're wanting. 

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Reg. Dec 2020
Posted 2021-01-12 5:26 PM
Subject: RE: Best barrel saddle for lower back pain?


Ammerman and Crown C the early ones work for me and I have hip and back issues.  I dropped my stirrups recommended on here and I don't have any issues sitting my turns now.

I had a friend talk me into buying a saddle with forward hung stirrups and it almost put me back in PT.





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Reg. Aug 2011
Posted 2021-01-12 11:49 PM
Subject: RE: Best barrel saddle for lower back pain?


I have had six back surgeries. The saddle that really has helped me is a Triple Creek. I can run barrels with as well as trail rides ( I do a lot of them ) and no pain. 

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