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Rider Fitness

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Last activity 2021-08-05 9:25 AM
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Reg. Jun 2021
Posted 2021-08-02 1:25 PM
Subject: Rider Fitness


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Rider fitness?
What does everyone do for their fitness routines?
For the past month and half I have been working out about 5 days a week. 2 days being HIIT workouts and the rest is any kind of workout involving weights. I usually workout about 30-45 minutes a day. For example One day I may focus on my core and the other day I may focus on my upper body.
I also ride as much as possible if this crazy southern heat will allow me to.
For food wise I’ve cut out all sweets especially sodas and have been eating smaller more frequent meals.
No naps also! (I’m a sucker for a good nap after a hard days work lol)
What do you guys do personally for your fitness? I’m mainly working out as to better myself as a rider and become more confident with my body.
Also do you really focus on your weight much? Or just focus on how you feel as in strength wise? I’m not exactly the most confident about myself so I’m doing everything I can to become happier about the way I look as well as feel! 
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runnin hard
Reg. Jan 2005
Posted 2021-08-02 3:50 PM
Subject: RE: Rider Fitness

Elite Veteran

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Location: Kansas

For the past couple of years I have had some set backs and trying to keep riding.  July 2018 bought a new horse, started to get with her and then boom torn rotator surgery (12/18), healed up and back to riding Aug. '19.  Conditioned horse and myself with riding...walking and lots of long trotting (my core strength).  Competeted at NBHA World October '19.  I was looking forward to the winter indoor series season and continued riding....enter virus and shut down.  I then had my priority of taking care of my parents and making sure they were safe and healthy...no where to run so quit riding and turned out horses (2020).  Now that the world is opening back up I'm back to riding again.  I do not "work out", but I have three head to get back into condition and in doing so I am riding lots and walking (horses back and forth from pens to walker to barn to walker and then turn back out - this I feel helps in my conditioning).  Property maintenance of mowing, weedeating, tree trimming and all those fun jobs helps keep me in shape too.  I have gained 15# but I don't think it will take but a month or two to drop with my routine.  Change of diet to better eating of healthier foods and slowing of my Dr. Pepper addicition (LOL) and drinking lots more water (especially in this wonderful heat).  I don't worry as much about size compared to healthy and able to do things without being out of air or sore muscles....size to me has nothing to do with condition...I know some big people that are very agile, healthy and able that just happen to be bigger.  Bottom line is be happy in your own skin and with yourself.....

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Reg. Dec 2010
Posted 2021-08-02 4:08 PM
Subject: RE: Rider Fitness


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Location: Illinois

When I was almost 100lbs lighter and rode really well I did a lot of simple stuff, neve rpaid attention to what I ate. But I was in my early 20s where it didn't matter that much with what I was doing. I started walking, then walking inclines, and eventually running. Would do intervals of all, without much thought to it. Usually 5-8 miles a day. Also was going to school where at most I had 2 classes in a given day and no job, so I had the free time. Eventually dropped to just 3-5 miles. And I did situps, crunches, planks, leg lifts all the time. Started with 25 situps, 25 crunches, 15 seconds plank, and 5 leg lifts a day. Eventually worked up to 100 situps & crunches, 1 minute plank, and 15 leg lifts. Also with the leg lifts, once my legs were in the air I also did them side to side. So 15 each side and 15 normal. Did some intermittent lunges down the hallway throughout the day or down the barn aisle. But just doing that stuff lost me 70lbs without any sort of diet, I still ate big macs 3-4 times a week, pizza, bosco sticks. Just **** cafeteria foods. And then in my late 20s after gaining about 50 of it back, I started to go back to that workout and lost around 30. Now I'm almost 100lbs heavier and doing nothing, but I'm also not running a horse right now either and am not in school where I have unlimited free time. But I did start slowly getting back to it recently. I've always just used a treadmill or outdoors for my workouts. 

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run n rate
Reg. Feb 2007
Posted 2021-08-02 5:36 PM
Subject: RE: Rider Fitness

Balance Beam and more...

Posts: 11378
Location: 31 lengths farms

I'm 56 and in March of 2020 I had been playing around with being back in the gym but didn't really have a program and wasn't being very successful.  I found a body weight based excercise program online called The Betty Rocker, very little equipment needed which was perfect a few weeks later when every thing closed down. I started with the 30 Days make Fat Cry Challenge then went to the 90 program,It can be @ 15 minutes long if you do say 3 rounds or closer to 25 if you do a few more rounds. In the year and a half or so since I have repeated both those programs  a couple times, and have used KaisaFit, the Fitologist and some Tabata type workouts as well. 15 years ago or so I fractured 3 vertabrae in my back so I really concentrate on core strength . Today is the 488th day straight that I've closed all 3 of my fitness rings on my Apple Watch, I'm down 12 lbs from when I started but 3 pant sizes and most important , I feel like I can sit the midde of my horse leaving a barrel and I can do a pull over on the high bar again.

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Reg. Mar 2004
Posted 2021-08-03 10:36 AM
Subject: RE: Rider Fitness

Half-Eaten Cookies

Posts: 2027
Location: Fort Worth / Springtown

That's a lot that you do - great job!


I used to waitress and run - then I got a desk job and waitressed - then when I quit waitressing and just desk job, I really gained. Hour commute each way and 9 hours of sitting, working lunch at my desk. less time to ride and no time to work out.  I do love running on the treadmill, even though it might not be the best way to tone, and sometimes I feel like it makes me fluffier, but if I stick it out, I can tell a difference and it keeps my attention.


I lost 30 pounds during the 2020 shutdown when I got to work from home - I walked/run up to 5 miles about 3 times a week -  gained muscle along with losing the fat. This was without watching what I ate and taking advantage of to-go gallon margaritas lol.   Now I'm back at work and trying really hard to continue to lose and not gain - I don't have time to do 5 miles and can barely fit 2 times per week, now.

My husband doesn't like to work out - he's not that type, but he found a Rodeo Core exerciser at Goodwill (he is a bargain shopper lol)-- he really likes it.  It seems really low impact for me and would take too long when I need to go ride, but he has actually toned up his stomach a little and his hip stopped hurting! All while watching tv. I wanted to add this to the ones that can't do running or HIIT or Spin, this could be something to try. 





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Reg. May 2010
Posted 2021-08-05 9:25 AM
Subject: RE: Rider Fitness

Thread Hog

Posts: 5865
Location: Morocco IN

Check out Whoa Co on Instagram or Facebook. I have always been very fit but have greatly struggled the last few years, Jamie is a registered dietican and I am amazed and how much she has helped me! 

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