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Renew Gold or Outlast?

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Last activity 2022-06-15 1:03 PM
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Reg. Sep 2016
Posted 2022-06-13 1:57 PM
Subject: Renew Gold or Outlast?

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My 9yo gelding developed ulcers this winter. Successfully treated them. He's on succeed and purina outlast daily. 
I've always been curious about Renew gold supplement. If I switch I would be eliminating the outlast. Not really sure I see results from outlast, but I'm also an overthinker. 
He's hypp, but has never had a flare up. But I'm still always cautious about new products. 

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Reg. May 2004
Posted 2022-06-13 2:05 PM
Subject: RE: Renew Gold or Outlast?

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Succeed and Outlast have research to back up gut results. I jumped on the RG bandwagon (yes, good 24/7 forage) and all of my horses dropped weight and looked dull. 

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lonely va barrelxr
Reg. Apr 2005
Posted 2022-06-13 9:53 PM
Subject: RE: Renew Gold or Outlast?

Reaching for the stars....

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I don't credit RG for how my horses look. They look good because of the highest quality alfalfa that they get. RG just fills in the fat gaps. I have never had a group of horses look so good for so long as my alfalfa/rg has made them. They are on -0- other supplements. And they don't have great forage 24/7, my grass is about as worthless as grass can be from overgrazing. They get about 15 lbs of alfalfa a day and their rg/beet pulp (2 lbs total per day) and are fat and full of beans at feed time. Or whenever something happens to rile them up. 

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Reg. Jul 2013
Posted 2022-06-15 1:03 PM
Subject: RE: Renew Gold or Outlast?


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Location: Willows, CA

Renew Gold and Outlast are two vastly different products. The theory behind Outlast is sound, though the dosage requirements may vary to be effective with ulcers in different horses. I am not sure that a feed that includes Outlast would be as effective as the supplement alone.

Horses get ulcers for a number of reasons. Diet is one of them, but other factors come into play. If your horse has ulcers, and you treat them, but you have not solved the reason that they got ulcers in the first place, then Outlast is a bandage and will likely not solve the problem. If the root cause was stress, basic temperment, or a physical issue like lack of dental care (the most often missed cause) that is one thing. If the cause was diet based, that is another thing entirely. Once the ulcers have been treated, a change in management can help more than a ulcer prevention supplement. If diet  was the issue, moving to a non ulcer prone diet can do wonders. This would include several steps that I have seen work consistantly for many years. First, insure that dental care is up to date. A sore mouth from hooks on the lower teeth or a ridge on the outside of the uppers will cause pain when the horse chews. They may eat just as much, but only chew it enough to swallow. While this causes issues in the hind gut, it also limits the amount of saliva produced. A horse only makes saliva when they chew. A mature horse with a comfortable mouth and constant access to roughage will make over 10 gallons of saliva per day. This is the horses natural buffer to the acid that they produce constantly, and a natural ulcer guard. Next, eliminate grain based feed feed that can effect the acidity of the system. That is a place where Renew Gold can be effective as a grain substitute in ulcer prone horses. In addition, eliminating the high starch and sugar found in grain based feeds lowers blood sugar levels and can moderate nervious temperment that encourages ulcers in some horses that tend to be sugar sensitive. Include alfalfa in the diet, The benefit here is a higher calcium acid buffer in the stomach, and inproved digestion of the grass portion of the diet in the hind gut, a benefit in both cases. 

If you have a horse that is still ulcer prone due to a naturally nervious temperment, then a product like Outlast can be a benefit. Other products that use the same basic active ingredient, but at higher inclusion levels like Gastro Buf (search online) seem to work well in these horses. 

Hope this helps. You can always call me a 530 934 9300 if you want to look at your whole program.


Edited by winwillows 2022-06-15 1:08 PM
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