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My new PC Frenchmans Hayday gelding won't let me touch him...

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Last activity 2023-03-20 1:23 AM
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Reg. Mar 2023
Posted 2023-03-16 12:43 PM
Subject: My new PC Frenchmans Hayday gelding won't let me touch him...


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Hey there everyone, I'm completely new to this forum and have never posted here before, so bear with me!

A little info on me: I've ridden, owned, and trained horses for 7ish years. I have quite a bit of experience, but am not a total expert by any means. I do quite a bit of barrel racing and am a novice roper. Currently I have just one horse, the one talked about in this post. 

I recently (a few weeks ago) acquired a new horse. He's a 5yo QH, out of EV Tyrees Medusa and by Dark Dinero Hue, whose sire is PC Frenchmans Hayday. He's broke, just needs finishing. When I bought him his owners never had problems with him. No problems with catching, saddling, riding, etc. I rode him, watched them catch him, saddle him, and load him. He was great with everything, other than what I'll explain in the next paragraph. And I'm positive he wasn't drugged, I know these people personally. 

My plans for him is just to be an all around horse. I planned to start him on the pattern as well as roping, and just use him for anything really. Trail riding, etc. 

He's very watchy and flinchy. Will spook at most anything. He's gotten much, much better since I got him home and switched his feed to my preferred feed, Bluebonnet Intensify feeds. He had been getting a bunch of sweet feed, oats, alfalfa pellets, etc in his old home. Most all of it was soaked in molasses. Literally smelled like syrup. 

Anyway, since I brought him home I haven't been able to even touch him. He'll back away so he's just out of reach of me. If you're new to him completely, he'll be on the other side of the round pen. 

I can tell he secretly enjoys my company. He's not like most geldings (at least geldings I've had before), he's very sensitive and craves a relationship with a leader he can trust. He'll curiously follow me around, stand right beside me if I sit in the round pen, calls for me when I come, and looks disappointed and tries to follow me when I leave. But when I go to touch him, he doesn't want anything to do with it. 

I've had him about 2 weeks now and there's been some improvement, but I still can't touch him or catch him for that matter. Has anyone ever had a horse like this before? Is this behavior typical for PC Frenchmans Hayday horses? 

Not really sure how to handle this. 

Thanks so much! 

Edited by Maverick.n.Me 2023-03-16 1:29 PM
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Liana D
Reg. Sep 2008
Posted 2023-03-17 3:43 PM
Subject: RE: My new PC Frenchmans Hayday gelding won't let me touch him...

Defense Attorney for The Horse

Location: Claremore, OK

This is really not unusual behavior, especially for this bloodline and especially if this horse isn't being ridden a lot or the weather is cooler. 

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Reg. Dec 2003
Posted 2023-03-17 6:39 PM
Subject: RE: My new PC Frenchmans Hayday gelding won't let me touch him...

Meanest Teacher!!!

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Location: sunny california

Some horses have to have a reason to get caught.  Those types end up with two locations here.  They eat breakfast in one pen and dinner in another. They must get haltered and moved twice a day to eat.  The rest of the barn is munching away and the silliness goes away as I will go inside and keep going out while they run around whinnying 

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Reg. Oct 2013
Posted 2023-03-18 8:01 PM
Subject: RE: My new PC Frenchmans Hayday gelding won't let me touch him...

I just read the headlines

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Warwick Scihiller has a lot of really good videos on this. He has revamped his methods somewhat and his connection videos are simple but very affective. This horse has a lot to teach you if you are willing to learn. He also has a brand new book, The Principles of Training. I just got the book. It's already impressing me. He and his wife competed in WEG Championsip Games for Australia and while they didn't win, they had very respectable scores. He works all kinds of horses from mustangs to Grand Prix dressage horses, to Morracan Governments Barb stallions. 

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BS Hauler
Reg. Jan 2012
Posted 2023-03-19 7:08 PM
Subject: RE: My new PC Frenchmans Hayday gelding won't let me touch him...


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Location: North Central Iowa Land of white frozen grass

I wish people would quit  blaming training problems on what they feed their horses. 

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Reg. Nov 2011
Posted 2023-03-20 1:23 AM
Subject: RE: My new PC Frenchmans Hayday gelding won't let me touch him...

Military family

Shipwrecked and Flat Out Zapped

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So, you have a round pen but can't touch him? Sounds like you need to learn how to use your round pen to me. 

You speak like you're trying to read his mind like he's a human. I'm not trying to sound mean but you need some training too in my opinion. Best wishes.


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