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RE: Any Hannah Johnston updates?
Reg. Oct 2003
Posted 2004-12-09 9:29 AM
Subject: Any Hannah Johnston updates?

Troll Patrol

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Has anyone heard how she's doing? and how about Brandon? is he still going to get to come home soon?

 I never did see the results posted from the Brandon race....did anyone else see them? I didn't win anything, I just like to see the results on races.

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Reg. Oct 2003
Posted 2004-12-09 9:40 AM
Subject: RE: Any Hannah Johnston updates?

Pedigree Expert

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I received this in an email from Laura R. this morning:

"I talked to Scott last night
and Hannah is doing better every
day. He says they are wanting to do 6 weeks of re-hab but he thought
they could some of the re-hab themselves."

I updated Brandon's site with the barrel results last week.  I'll get an update on his progress from Laura F. and add it too.

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Reg. Sep 2003
Posted 2004-12-09 9:44 AM
Subject: RE: Any Hannah Johnston updates?

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I read on the WPRA site this morning they had raised $60K. I don't know if that's the total or in addition to the $25K mentioned a day or so ago.
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Reg. Dec 2003
Posted 2004-12-09 11:26 AM
Subject: RE: Any Hannah Johnston updates?

Ms Bling Bling Sleeze Kitty

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sounds like great news all the way around
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