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What do you think?
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Posted 2014-02-05 8:52 PM
Subject: What do you think?


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I'm planning on breeding my mare she is a dunskin mare standing about 15.3 with foundation bloodlines (King, Wimpy, Leo etc;) here the link to her sire and grand-sire: the first two is her sire and then her grand sire. And she looks more like her sire but dunskin in color. I've used her for barrels until she ripped her muscle between her shoulder blade and now she's not completely sound to ride anymore but 100% breeding sound. She's a free runner and all her foals have been as well but she throws the height of the studs. Like 15-15.2hh. And I really want to breed her to this stud: And my dad wants to breed her to a halter horse! Who foals have all been recently dieing for no reason! So it's a no for me. He bred my other push-stlye 1D mare to him and I'm hoping like crazy she don't lose her first foal. But anyways what do you think? I'd really like to breed her to him because for once I'd like to have a barrel bloodlined foal instead of foundation, Halter or cow-bred. Also what do you think of the stud as in running style? Do you think he'd be a free runner or push style kind of horse? I really can't tell but I really like the way he works doing barrels
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