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Posted 2014-02-12 5:53 PM


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Anyone subscribe to this? Thoughts?
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Posted 2014-02-15 3:49 PM
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I received the book for Christmas and have been reading it..a lot of good tips in there but most are what i would say are common sense tips, but are always good to be reminded of them. I haven't finished it yet either but so far its a good read and not a total waste. My point is if i can learn 1 thing from it then its an improvement...right?? I would say atleast check it out and keep open mind! I have done some of her exercises and they are good and fun to break up the regular routine of keeping horses in shape and focus mind! GOOD LUCK hope this helped!
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Posted 2014-04-16 12:17 PM
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paturninburnin89 - I think you may have confused the website with Heather Smith's Barrel Racing Success Book. Heather's is a hard copy book and is all online. has a money back guarantee so there is no risk in checking it out.

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