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Barrel Horse Upkeep
Reg. Jan 2014
Posted 2014-02-17 2:47 PM
Subject: Barrel Horse Upkeep


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Just wondering what everyone does to keep their barrel horses in the best condition. I feed Dumor all around feed with DAC total performance plus. I use a duratech magnetic sheet with BOT front/back leg wraps with hock boots. I also sore no more clay him after I walk him out for an hour after a run. If extremely hot out I hose him off. He gets very ouchy on his front without shoes and will get sore every once and a while in his hind end if ran all weekend (max two runs a day on Sat/Sun). He is 8 years old and a complete opposite of my 12 year old barrel horse care wise. I'm planning to turn him into a rodeo horse this year as he is doing great at barrel races and any advice is helpful! Thanks!
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