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Why/What do you use PHT or BOT for?
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Posted 2014-04-02 3:50 PM
Subject: Why/What do you use PHT or BOT for?

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I know what each of them do, as far as circulation, heat, recovery, etc.

I want to know YOUR experiences with these products and what YOU use them for. Warm up, hauling, recovery, prevent stocking up, etc.

How do YOU use your BOT/PHT products? And what made you try them?

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Posted 2014-04-02 4:19 PM
Subject: RE: Why/What do you use PHT or BOT for?

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I have mostly BOT products, but I do have a pair of PHT bell boots and a pair of the PHT leg wraps. I have the BOT sheets, hock boots, and quick wraps. The sheets go on my horses daily. I use the sheets to keep their muscles relaxed and to just keep my horses feeling better. I have noticed a difference using the sheets. My horses have not had to visit the chiropractor as often, and they just seem to feel better.
The hock boots get rotated between my two barrel horses, but they are on one or the other daily also. I especially notice a difference with my older gelding. The hock boots just seem to keep his hocks more comfortable.
I use the quick wraps mostly when hauling.
The PHT bell boots go on my gelding every night when he is in his stall. He has a chip in one of his coffin joints and these bells keep him very comfortable (he also gets injected and gets joint supps).
The PHT leg wraps get used when hauling or if one of my horses gets a soft tissue injury in a leg.
I wish I could afford at least one PHT sheet, but I just cannot right now :(
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Posted 2014-04-02 5:36 PM
Subject: RE: Why/What do you use PHT or BOT for?


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i dont have PHT stuff, but i have lots of magnetics. several different brands. i use the sheet the keeps my mare relaxed. shes normally very spooky and high strung. when shes wearing that sheet, she sleeps at the trailer. she wears it every time we leave the house..i have BOT hock boots. havent noticed anything much with them. i like magnets better.
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