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BOT blankets,quick wraps,hock opinions
Reg. Dec 2004
Posted 2014-11-09 9:59 PM
Subject: BOT blankets,quick wraps,hock opinions

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I'm looking at the BOT blanket an quick wraps and wanted get everyone's good and bad opinions.... I've tries PHT MAGNETICS and didn't seem to see difference.. What's BOT pros cons and what product you like best
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Reg. Dec 2010
Posted 2014-12-16 12:04 AM
Subject: RE: BOT blankets,quick wraps,hock opinions

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  I have a pair of quick wraps and a pair of no bows. My gelding was on pen rest for nearly 3 months and would get stocked up a lot. I'd put them on all 4 legs at night and by the time I checked on him the next afternoon the swelling was always give. The quick wraps are definitely faster, but I like that I can wrap the no bows tighter for a bit more support. Now I will say I've tried the products on myself and haven't noticed anything. This may be because I have a low body temp all the time, and these products reflect body heat. If my body were a normal temp maybe they'd be more effective.
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Posted 2014-12-28 6:59 PM
Subject: RE: BOT blankets,quick wraps,hock opinions


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I have everything BOT except the neck cover. I love them all, sold the standing wraps because I'm lazy and prefer the quick wraps. I have the mesh blanket, not the fleece. It's cooler and I can use the mesh when it's warmer, I can't with the fleece. I love the hock wraps, but I'm having trouble keeping them up lately. But I think that's just me.
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