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Back on Track wraps question?
Reg. Oct 2012
Posted 2014-11-17 2:56 PM
Subject: Back on Track wraps question?

Extreme Veteran

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How long can you use them for? For example do they not need to be on for more than 12 hours? Or so long then so long off? It's so cold here I have been wrapping almost every night just wondering if I can do harm by leaving them on until mid day? How about using them every night? Thanks! (Also I have already done the couple hour at a time for the horse to get use to them)
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Reg. Mar 2004
Posted 2014-11-17 3:02 PM
Subject: RE: Back on Track wraps question?

Rad Dork

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I use mine every night.  I take them off when I feed in the morning (8-9am), but both of my gelding's back legs are shaved (for ultrasounds) and so I leave the back ones on a few hours longer and take them off around noon.  I always take them off and give him a good break before I put them back on at evening feeding time (7-8pm).  I probably wouldn't go 24 hours straight or anything like that.
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