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Polos or Sports Medicine Boots?
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Posted 2015-01-07 7:36 PM
Subject: Polos or Sports Medicine Boots?

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Ok...I personally really like polos because I feel like I can get a better fit with them than I can with boots. I always wonder if the boots are too tight when I do them and I hate how they fill with dirt. I think of when I get dirt in my shoes while running and it is super uncomfortable so I would figure its got to be similar for our horses.
My question is am I missing something? I find with my experience that I like polos the best but overall would it be better to use boots? I do like boots because they seem to take less time to put on/take off and store. I usually wrap all four legs with polos but I want to do what is best for my horses so if I need to switch I will :)
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