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BOT quick wraps
Reg. Jan 2011
Posted 2015-03-10 1:05 PM
Subject: BOT quick wraps

Elite Veteran

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Location: USA
Do y'all use them just on the front legs or around all 4?
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Reg. Apr 2008
Posted 2015-03-10 1:07 PM
Subject: RE: BOT quick wraps

I'm not opinionated

Posts: 4597
Location: Online
I've used them front and back... 
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Reg. Mar 2004
Posted 2015-03-10 1:08 PM
Subject: RE: BOT quick wraps

Rad Dork

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Location: Oklahoma
I used to only use them on the front legs because my gelding had a previous suspensory injury from a few years ago that I was trying to avoid re-injuring.... then I got a hind suspsensory injury and bought backs...  and then I bought the hocks... so now I will use all three pairs before a run!
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Reg. Mar 2011
Posted 2015-03-10 1:16 PM
Subject: RE: BOT quick wraps

Cute Little Imp

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Location: N Texas
I use front and back due to an injury on his hind leg.
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Linda D
Reg. Jan 2007
Posted 2015-03-10 1:26 PM
Subject: RE: BOT quick wraps

Been Blessed

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Location: Living in my Promised Land
 Mine have never been to the barn yet. I use them on myself at night to prevent leg cramps. They really work! I am going to order another set for my mare.
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Reg. Aug 2011
Posted 2015-03-10 2:33 PM
Subject: RE: BOT quick wraps

Hungarian Midget Woman

Location: Midwest
I have 4
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Reg. Oct 2003
Posted 2015-03-10 2:37 PM
Subject: RE: BOT quick wraps


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Location: Texas
I PMed you.  I have a full set I don't use. 
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Reg. Sep 2004
Posted 2015-03-10 2:45 PM
Subject: RE: BOT quick wraps

The Bling Princess

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Location: North Dakota
I use mine on all four:) Love them! 
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Reg. Feb 2012
Posted 2015-03-10 6:30 PM
Subject: RE: BOT quick wraps

The Resident Destroyer of Liberal Logic

Location: PNW
All four, plus hock wraps.
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Reg. Mar 2012
Posted 2015-03-10 7:45 PM
Subject: RE: BOT quick wraps

Elite Veteran

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Location: Northwest
All four legs plus knee wraps-I will soon add hock wraps too. I love BOT stuff and I use a lot of it on myself even.
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