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BOT Quick Wraps?
Reg. Jul 2009
Posted 2015-04-20 12:26 PM
Subject: BOT Quick Wraps?


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I won a pair of the quick wraps and was curious about people's experience with them. When to use them, when not to use them, before or after a run?..I know they produce heat so if it's higher than a certain temperature outside should they not be used?
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Reg. Dec 2010
Posted 2015-04-21 11:28 PM
Subject: RE: BOT Quick Wraps?

Red Bull Agressive

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I would say don't use them over 60 degrees. Some say 70. I used to have some and used them to help with stocking up. Also BOT is usually good to use before work to help them warm up. Mine usually stayed put pretty well but make sure not to leave them on too long. I found the longer they were on the more likely they were to twist or slide down.
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Reg. Dec 2008
Posted 2015-05-20 7:21 AM
Subject: RE: BOT Quick Wraps?

I hate cooking and cleaning

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I use mine before a run (I poultice after).  
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