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BOT .... have some questions.
Reg. Apr 2011
Posted 2015-05-13 5:09 PM
Subject: BOT .... have some questions.


I am intrestend in getting a BOT blanket.

Im woundering if you could tell me more about them.
First how do they work. (I understand they increase blood flow thus reducing inflammation and pain) but HOW does that happen

I understand they are ceramic fibers (sp?) Is it ok if they get ripped and you sew them back together?
Basically wounderng if i can find a "ruined" one and use my awsome sewing skills to fix it and save some money.

I have some PHT stuff (bells and pole pack) that i love, does BOT and PHT compliment eat other?

Im thinking i want one for my younger horse thats been sore along her back and keeps going out.

Any input would be great thank you.
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Reg. Oct 2013
Posted 2015-05-14 9:37 AM
Subject: RE: BOT .... have some questions.

I just read the headlines

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I use it on my gelding when I can't get my chiro out soon. He gets sore in his back and I use the BOT sheet for 30 minutes before I ride. Then I use my old Norfield's magnetic sheet after I cool him out for about an hour. Worked well enough that I can ride while waiting for an appointment with my chiro. I believe his particular problem starts with his poll, though. He is very tense there all the time. I bought a BOT poll cap and it has really made a difference in the tenseness in the muscles of his poll/atlas area. You are not supposed to use magnets and BOT at the same time, but I really like using them separately like I do.
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