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Experiences with inflammatory airway disease
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Posted 2015-05-31 9:36 PM
Subject: Experiences with inflammatory airway disease

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My horse was diagnosed with IAD last year. I spent roughly a grand diagnosing him. Did a scope and BAL after the intitial round of  antibiotics and dex, improved him, but a little cough lingered. Scope showed slight mucus and inflamation in the trac. BAL wash and cytology showed NOTHING!!! No mass cells, not nerophils, nothing!!!!!blood work was perfect!! Did some enviormental changes. And more dex:/ by the end of the year he was fine. Fast forward to 8 weeks ago. Had to do 5 weeks stall him because of a splint bone fracture. He's been out to pasture for the last 3 weeks. And it has been constantly raining since. coughs once every now and then but nooo spells. I have been back riding him for about two weeks, first just walking , then added trots he did fine, he broke into a lope on his own today and  before I get to break him back down, he goes into a complete coughing frenzy! Heeelllpppp! I'm thinking the stall time got him started again :/ Started him on dex as soon as I got him cooled off.  He Recovered quick, no hard breathing, no wheezing. I just started him on cough free last week for the once in a while  single cough. going back to the vet to see if she can run allergy test. And talk about nebulizer treatments. Sorry for the novel. But what are your experiences and treatments that you do  on your horses with IAD? 

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