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Washing BOT sheet...
Reg. Feb 2011
Posted 2015-06-20 5:27 PM
Subject: Washing BOT sheet...

Elite Veteran

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So I normally wash my BOT sheet with mild detergent....but it has an oder that I can NOT get rid of (smells like dirty horse, horse poo with a dab a urine all mixed in). And was wondering if BOT products can be washed with White Vinegar or no? Because I have great luck using vinegar to get oders out of wraps and such just want to check if it I can use it with the product.   
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Crowned Image
Reg. Jan 2011
Posted 2015-06-20 5:44 PM
Subject: RE: Washing BOT sheet...

I Chore in Chucks

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Have you tried using the downy unstoppables in your wash? The blue color is my favorite smell!!!
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